Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jack's Birthday!

Jack, Jack, Jumping Jack - you are so loved, so so loved. Your birth story is so different than Lucy's, but is similar in ways, too. I decided to schedule an induction with you at 39 weeks, 2 days because it just made sense for us to do that. We needed a plan for Lucy and I truly didn't want my water to break while teaching. My kiddos in class were already so worried about me - they thought I was dying because of our weekly appointments (those goof balls!). Dr. Gooding said she'd be on-call January 12 and that sounded good enough to me!

Here's The Story....
We had to be at the hospital at 6am that morning to get the process started. And we got there right on time! :) (I'm not the best at being places on time, especially when it involves an early morning...) And wouldn't you know that while we were walking in, all I could think about was that I was about to have to have an i.v. Not the pain of birth or fear of any complications - the i.v. Ugh, I hate needles so much. At least this time it was in my arm and not my hand so it wasn't as bad. They got the meds started and we were on our way! Dr. Gooding came in around 7 and broke my water and let us know that we'd have you later that afternoon, barring any complications! At this time, I told her that we wanted to do delayed cord clamping and skin-to-skin as soon as possible. She was all for that! I have been so pleased with our change to Dr. Gooding - she has been awesome and she reminded me a lot of Dr. Hancock so it was kind of the best of both worlds. Our plan was still no epidural, but I told TJ that if it got really bad I'd probably ask for one since I'd be laboring all day and induced labors are generally more painful.

So, we waited, TJ slept, our pastor Jason came to visit around 9:45ish. While Jason was there, I got really uncomfortable and when the nurse checked me I was only dilated about 4cm. But the pain was intense. I really wanted to stick it out and have you naturally, but I told TJ that I was in a lot of pain. Jason took his cue to leave (thankfully! you'll know why in a sec.). Mom got there and the pain was even more intense. It made me cry and I do.not.cry. Not like weepy crying, but oh-my-goodness-this-really-hurts-crying. I told TJ and Mom that I wanted the epidural, especially since I was going to be laboring for the rest of the afternoon/into the early evening and the pain would keep getting more intense. They obliged and called the nurse - she bought that ridiculous video in for me to watch and while watching it the pressure and intensity got stronger and stronger. The nurse didn't check me before the epidural because she had just checked me. (I think had she checked me at this point, I would have been fully dilated... Because apparently that's what happens with my body during labor - slow getting to 4 cm and then quick as lightning to 10 cm...) Any way, the anesthesiologist came in around 10:15 and administered that blessed drug. BUT, it didn't get a chance to take it's full effect. I got a little numb on my right side. They turned me to my left side and it got a bit numb, too. I could still move my legs and still felt the pressure, but the meds took the edge off a bit. The nurse checked me then and she exclaimed, "Oh my, I just pulled his hair! Call Dr. Gooding, we are about to have a baby!".

WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?!?!? I was just 4cm, I just got the epidural, I was told that Jack wouldn't be here until that evening, I just had a dr stick a HUGE needle in my spinal cord and this kid is coming right now! What?!?! Had I known Jack was making his arrival that quickly I would have sucked it up and just had him without the epidural. Goodness gracious - these kiddos keeping me on my toes. Dr. Gooding arrived and after 20 minutes or so of pushing... Thomas Jackson "Jack" came into this world at 11:07am, 7lbs9oz, 19in; all ten toes and fingers, healthy lungs, and a beautiful pink color. They gave him to me straight away and we got to marvel at him while he rested peacefully on my chest. I held my sweet boy for an hour before anyone took him from me for weight and measurements and what not. That was the best - just having him on my chest and him intently looking around and taking it all in.

I can think of a few moments that come to mind when I think about the goodness and mercy of God, but my two favorites are when my children came into the world. Seeing the miracle of new life and birth is astonishing. I can not fathom God's love for us when we are "born" into His family, but when my two blessings were born I felt like I had a slight clue as to how God feels about His children. I feel a little like I'm gushing, but goodness...

Back to Jack now...
Jack was diagnosed (not sure if that's the best word) with Echogenic Intracardiac Focus. Basically it is a bright spot that shows up on the ultrasound, in Jack's case he had a few spots in his heart. Dr. Gooding assured us that those spots were not cause for concern and in most cases, the child doesn't have any complications or would have to have any kind of surgery. But, EIF is a soft marker for Down Syndrome. Jack didn't have any other markers for Downs, but hearing that news from Dr. Gooding crushed us. She told us that we could do the genetic blood testing to see what, if anything, was abnormal with Jack. My first thought was no, no we aren't doing that - however Jack is is just how he is and we will deal with whatever comes when it comes. TJ would have had every test possible done that day to find out what was going on with Jack. We are truly very different at how we approach life. But we decided that day that we would wait, talk it over and pray about what we should do. I was adamant that we do nothing, that Jack is who he is and no test will change anything. Needless to say, we agreed to disagree and put off talking about it. We did choose not to tell a whole lot of people, so for me that meant just need-to-know like my parents, sis-in-law, my aunt and uncle, and my boss. For TJ, that meant tell everyone! Bless him, he is an open book. He still doesn't know that I know he practically told everybody. I was firm in believing that God doesn't make mistakes and if Jack had Downs, then I'd love that extra chromosome just as much as the others. I'm not a worrier, I take things head on and deal with whatever comes when it comes. I am not a "what if" person. On the other hand, TJ is just the opposite. He needs to know every possible scenario, all the "what ifs". So, when Jack was born and he had no other signs of Downs and the pediatrician checked him out and his heart was perfect, we were relieved. Our boy was healthy. He checked out with our favorite pediatrician, too.

That's it, Jack. You came into the world and you are awesome. You are such a good baby. You are so loved by so many and you were prayed over for countless hours before you even got here. Your sister adores you and is such a good helper to me. I'll have an extra post about her, soon. You have kept us on our toes since we found out about you and I'm sure there will be more to come, especially since Lucy is your big sister - haha!! :) Now, since you are 5 weeks old, I need to get finished with your one month update!

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