Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I'm Feeling 22! [May 2]

April was an excellent month filled with more egg hunts, Easter Sunday, another birthday, a Zoo trip, and so much more. I got to play outside a lot this month too, I enjoy getting to play outside. Mama let me color outside, too! And you guys, you're not going to believe this but I stated tee-teeing in the potty! Mama noticed that I starting knowing when I tee-teed. So she and Tay-Tay decided that I just needed to start wearing panties and go with it. And I did, and I haven't looked back since. I had about a day of accidents and then I just got it. Everyone is so proud of me - I'm proud of me, too. When you start tee-teeing in the potty you get to wear panties and mine are off the chain. I have Hello Kitty, Elmo, and Princess panties and I keep them dry. All the cool kids keep their panties dry. But listen, the whole #2 in the potty in kind of intimidating, I mean goodness. I'm working on it, but it feels different.

Babo had a birthday and turned about 167 years old. Older than dirt. But I sure do love my Babo and he loves me. I love to ride the 4-wheeler with him, we go all over the Farm. I drew him a picture for his birthday and gave him an Elmo card, I wanted to keep the card though. Kind of wasn't fair that I couldn't keep that card, I did pick it out. Oh well, it was a fun day. We played outside and fed the moo-cows my tee-tee. Skeeter and Mo-Mo got to come that day. Mae-Mae let me ride Stevie's four-wheeler - it is big and loud! I've said it a million times, but I'll say it again: I love the Farm, I love that I get to spend time with my grandparents, especially since Daddy's parents live with Jesus. My Tay-Tay and Babo are the best. :)

So we had Easter Sunday and it was really amazing. Mama and Daddy are teaching me all about Jesus and He is amazing. You know He loves me, Mama says He loves me even more than she does?!?! What?!?! That must be an awful lot, because Mama really loves me. Anyway, Easter is when we celebrate Him coming back to life! Apparently He died on a cross for us, for our shins (whatever they are, it could be apart of my leg but I'm not real sure?), and then three days later He came back! That is so cool, He loves us so much. When Mama and I pray at night we always say how thankful we are for Him and His love, Mama says I'll learn more about all of it when I'm older. I can't wait. Easter Sunday morning Daddy, Andrew, and Bekah had to go and practice for the church service so Parker came over before I even woke up! She was playing in Mama and Daddy's bed and I joined her for laughs and snuggles! And guess what else you do on Easter?! Hide and find eggs that have money and candy inside. That was pretty fun, I like putting all my monies in my owl and Mr. Piggy at home.

Toward the end of the month I went to Montgomery to meet my new cousins and see Wennie, La-Line, and Todd. We also went to this place called Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Apparently there was a time before Daddy and Mama had me and they did things, like fun things I guess. Anyway they used to spend Sunday afternoons napping, flying kites, playing frisbee, and walking in the park part. There was also the Montgomery Museum of Art that they liked to walk around in. Before we went to La-Line's house we went to ASF. I got to go to the Museum and they had a Children's Loft and play area. That was so neat. There was so much to do and see. I loved it! I met some new friends endplayed with them in the Loft, we had puzzles and shapes and blocks. Then Daddy and I go to race some of the cars together. After the museum we went outside and fed the turtles and ducks. They liked my graham crackers. We left when it got too hot and went to see Daddy's sister and her family. I met my new cousins Allie, Garrett, and Cooper. They are pretty cool, I'll tell you that I like La-Line and Allie best because they played ball with me. They even took my walking after dinner to see the fountains. The next day we went to the Capitol Building and the Archives, that was really neat. I climbed the huge stairs and stood right where MLK Jr. stood for his speech. I made a quilt in the Archives Children's Loft called Grandma's Attic. Nanny is going to love it. Mama says Wennie, Todd, La-Line, Allie, and the boys are moving to OK and I'm "ok" with that - ha! ;) No, really I am not super ok with it but Daddy said we can go and visit them. Winnie and Todd said I could come whenever I wanted. So, I think we'll go!

I'll leave you guys with pictures now; I know I say this every month but I have truly enjoyed it. I love being here and making people smile. See you soon! :) Oh, you guys - I am almost TWO!!! What?!

What? I don't fit in my baby's crib?!

Coloring is the best! 

Me and Parker playing in Mommy's bed. 

Pancakes and Kitty Cat toy after signing up for School!


You aren't supposed to catch me reading! 

Coloring outside!

My favorite book, "There Was A Crooked Man".

Me, Mama, and "Poo-Poo Bear"

Meeting my new cousin, Allie! La-Line and I decided not to look at the camera. ;)

Shakespeare Festival Park

Montgomery Museum of Art