Saturday, October 11, 2014

15 Months Old! [Oct. 2]

I love growing up! I am learning more and more new things everyday and getting to do so much. Moma is always asking me questions like, "What does a lion say?" or "What does a duck say?" or "What does a cat say?" or this one that makes her and Dada laugh hysterically, "What does your tiny hiney say?" I always answer correctly - "rawr" for lion, "quack-quack" for duck, "meee-oww" for cat, and "pufft" for tiny hiney! Like I said, I always get a laugh from the tiny hiney question. It's the best.

I really love balls - any kind of ball. Soccer, bouncy, big, little, soft, hard... Anytime I see a ball I have to tell Moma and Dada as fast as I can, I usually repeat "bawl" multiple times just so I know they see it. They wouldn't be able to handle it if I didn't point out everything that is or resembles a ball. The other day we were in Lowe's and you'll never believe this but they have balls everywhere in the light-up part (they have trees too - looks like they just sprouted and grew lights). Anywho, there were boxes with lots and lots and lots and lots of colorful balls and these boxes had handles on them. I picked up two boxes and tried to tote them to the front to take them home, but Moma stopped me. She put them back on the shelf. I was so mad at her and I let her know that I was angry and picked those boxes up again and tried walking to the front. Mom stopped me again. Again, I was so angry. Mom won but only because I let her. I will get those balls, I will - even if it's the last thing I ever do. I will have them and they will be mine, allllllll mine. :) (This is Ryan, yes, she was adamant about getting those ornaments and taking them but it is October - they shouldn't even be out yet. I didn't get a picture because I forgot my phone but it was priceless. We now avoid ball pits, ball displays, balloons, anything that even looks like it could be a ball - if we don't we will walk out of the store with a new ball).

My Moma has taught me a lot of fun, new things. I love when Moma and Dada say, "Give me kisses!" - I run over to them and stick my cheek to their lips and let them kiss me. I will then open my mouth and give them wet kisses all over and it is the best. I'll only kiss them though - Moma says that I don't need to kiss other people because we are getting into the "sick season", whatever that is. I do the same with hugs, I love hugging and kissing Moma and Dada.

Speaking of learning new things, I know what color my balls are. I know where parts of my body are. I know when I need a diaper change. I know what "Lets go brush your teeth" means - it means that I run into my room and point to my toothbrush until Moma gives it to me. I know words like, shoes, please, Jesus, Moma, Dada, go, ball, bow, bottle, cracker, night-night, and the list goes on. I use my words in the right context too! I understand so many more words that Moma and Dada say, I just can't say the yet.

Moma and Dada let me dump out all
the veggie sticks when I was sick. 
I had a great check up with my doctor! She is so impressed with my skills! I am weighing around 19lbs and am 31inches tall! Dr. Irons says that I'm just going to be tall and skinny. I'm in the 67% for my height and like the 10% for my weight. My head is still "normal" and in the 50%. I have to go back in the beginning of December for my second flu shot. I hope not to go back until then. I was sick at the beginning of this month with some sort of fever virus. It was no fun, I was miserable. Moma was the only one that made me feel better. Oh - you'll never believe this but I finally got my 1 year molars! I have all four of them, bringing my total up to 12! I'm working on my canine as I type so I'll likely have updates next month on those guys.

Playing with Dada in the floor. 

Looking cute and so grown up! 

My new fashion statement - wearing a bucket on my head. 

My all-time favorite activity - READING!!!

Playing peek-a-boo while I was supposed to be sleeping... 

Ice cream from DQ - a treat from Aunt Wendy and Lauraline. 

Roll Tide! 

Playing with Moma! 

I'm not allowed to have soft straws anymore because I bite them in half. 

Happy 15 Months to me!