Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

We have a lovely, little Pumpkin Patch sponsored by the youth ministry each October and I love it! It's such a fun and festive way to celebrate my favorite season! And it's in our yard!! Sometimes that's a hassle because there are always people in the yard and this year we have a new struggle - nap time for LP. :) It's all good though, she is learning to sleep through the noise and that's a good thing for her (it's not too noise-y). Here are some cute pictures of my sweet girl - ENJOY!! :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

LPP - Yeah You Know Me! :) 3 Months!

Hey, hey, hey guys! I'm not even going to let Mom write any kind of introduction - she writes too much! :) I've done soooooooooo much in my third month of life and I've loved every minute of it! I got to spend my first night away from my Mommy and Daddy on September 7 - it was a Saturday night so Daddy had to be at church the next day, all day and Mommy had to go with Andrew, Rebekah and Parker to take Parker's 6 month pictures (btw [that mean "by the way" - I love fun shortcuts!] can you believe my friend Parker will be 7 months old in just a few days! She's so old! :) ). Anyway, MiTessa thought instead of Mommy taking me with her for pictures that I should just stay with her. Mom and Dad reluctantly agreed - Mommy gave me lots of kisses and even cried a little when she left me that night but I did so good. I love staying at the Farm with Dabo and MiTessa. They let me "do what I want" and I like that. They have doggies, cows, horses, stars and lots of trees!

I also got to go to my first sporting event - HHS Volleyball to see Delaney and her friends play. I liked watching that ball go back and forth across the gym. I did get tired of watching it though and took a nap. Mommy said I could play volleyball if I wanted to but I couldn't wear those spandex panties shorts. 

Another first for me was on September 13 - I rolled to my side ALL.BY.MYSELF! Later that day Mommy and Daddy got some upsetting news, my Poppa passed away. He was so funny, I'm so happy I got to meet him! Mommy said that he is much happier now that he is with Jesus and Granny again. I don't know a whole lot about death but Mommy reads to me from my Bible and I know that God made a way for all of us to be with Him after we leave here. That night I did another great thing - slept the WHOLE night!!! 10pm to 8:30am! I did that for the next 4 or 5 nights and then I changed it up and started waking up around 4am every morning just to spend more time with Mommy... :) She thinks I'm developing backwards - I'm not, I just love hanging out with her and Daddy.

Not impressed with the parade - I wanted to look at Mommy! :)
One day Mom started singing a Robin Sparkles song called, "Let's Go to the Mall" and so we did! We just went to get away from the house and see all the fun colors and hear the sounds. We had lunch beside this magical spiny thing that went around in circles and played music. I liked watching that thing go 'round ;) The parents said that we could come back during Christmas and I could ride it! I'm going to ask my super cool friends Parker, Courtlyn and Caleb Jr. to come too - I think they would like it. Later that day HHS had a homecoming parade! I don't know why they call it "homecoming"; they never left HYT. Oh well... Anyway, Parker came over and we went outside to watch her Daddy march with the band. I wasn't super impressed, I mean I had been to the mall earlier so a silly parade couldn't have impressed me too much, right? After the parade we went to the bonfire - I fell asleep during that! Maybe one day this thing called "homecoming" will be fun.

I got to spend another night at the Farm without Mommy and Daddy! 2 nights this past month!! Mommy said it will be a little while before that happens again - she must really love me! The next day Mommy came to get me and she also took pictures of my cousin, Charli Bay. Charli Bay turned a year old October 1 (and I turned 3 months old October 2! Mommy didn't know it but I was already with her when she went to see Charli Bay the day she was born!). I can't wait to get bigger so I can play with Charli Bay! A few more fun things and then I'm done - On my 3 month birthday Parker came to spend the day with me. We had so much fun together, I know we are going to be best friends. I just need to catch up with Parker and we will be unstoppable. Her Mommy and my Mommy will have their hands full. We are already little stinkers - we plan it that way... They wanted a picture of all four of us at the parade and we concocted a plan; we didn't look at the camera at the same time. It was fun! And the last thing, which is kind of in my fourth month but I'm adding it here, is I rolled from my stomach to my back today, Oct. 3! Mommy had a dr appt. so I stayed with Daddy and he saw me do it several times today - he didn't seem too impressed so I did it again when Mom got home and she freaked! She got so excited and asked Daddy if I rolled earlier and he said yeah but she's been doing that for a few days. Umm, no Dad - I just started today! Once he realized that I just started and he got to see my first roll, he got super impressed with my mad skills! That silly Daddy... :)

See, our plan worked... They didn't get a picture of the two of us looking at the same time! 
Some things I loved about month number 3: again, I have to list my bath first. I just love that bath. It's the best. I love all the new and exciting things Mom and Dad are doing with me like taking me to different places, Mom didn't want to get me out and about too soon which was ok with me because I used to hate that carseat. I love standing! I can't do it by myself but Mommy and Daddy hold me up and I love it. I feel like a big girl! I also love smiling, laughing and talking. Mommy and Daddy still don't quite understand me but it's ok, I know they love me. I still love my Bible stories too, waiting to see what God's big "Rescue Plan" is though!

Sleeping during the bonfire.
Things I don't like: being hungry, wet/dirty or tired. Oh and strange people trying to take me away from my Mommy, Daddy, MiTessa, my Aunts or my Mommy and Daddy's friends. There was one lady at Poppa's funeral that tried to take me from MiTessa - she had metal fingers and a huge metal bug on her shirt. Mommy was sending me messages through our secret "head-to-head" communication and told me to start crying and I did. That lady handed me back to my MiTessa and I was just fine. She said I was spoiled - I am not. I just didn't know her and she was scary with those metal fingers and bugs... :)