Sunday, May 4, 2014

T Minus 2 Months Until I am ONE! 10 Months Update

Hey guys! I am just a couple of months away from being 1 year old! I've gotta say, I'm pretty excited. I've been to a couple of birthday parties and they were awesome. The birthday kid got to eat a cake, a whole cake people! Who wouldn't like that? I've done some pretty neat things this month and I'm excited to tell you what has happened so here we go!!! ;)

I have discovered, and use very frequently, my vocal chords. I can say "Da-Da", "Ma-Ma", "Kee-Cat", "Cat", "Eww-Waa" (it means wow, I just can't get that last "w" to come out), "Wook" (it means "book" or "look" depending on what I want the parents to give me), "Hi" sometimes... And speaking of "Hi", I can wave "hi" and "bye-bye" - I figured it out! I love waving to everybody I meet. And they think it's just the cutest so they give me lots of attention! I love making people laugh, it's so funny to hear them laugh at me. I really make them laugh by playing "Where's Lucy?" - it's a game I invented. What I do is put a blanket over me face and I disappear - they can't see me and they say, loudly, "Where's Lucy? Lucy Paige, where did you go?". And then I throw the blanket down and laugh and squeal until they start laughing. And then I start all over! It's a blast. I'm not quite sure where exactly I go when that blanket comes up though; I'll find out and report my findings in my next blog.

I went to Montgomeryto have a slumber party with Mommy and to visit my cousin Lauraline, Aunt Wendy, and Uncle Wade and Aunt Stacy. I had fun with them! Mommy thought I'd sleep all night in that pack and play, but no way, unn-uhh. I woke her up, very kindly, at 2am and told her to get me and put me in bed with her. She obliged and we snuggled and slept so good. Daddy helped Aunt Wendy paint her house during the day, so Mommy and I stayed at Uncle Wade and Aunt Stacy's new house with their birdies, Pippen and Tannis. Those things were funny looking - didn't look a thing like my Calvin. I thought all inside animals were "Kee-Cat". Not those guys! Mom tried explaining the difference between a cat and a bird but I wasn't having it, I called them "Kee-Cat" anyway. I got to play in their big bathtub - I should call it an ocean, it was huge! I splashed and giggled and got Mommy soaking wet! :) After Daddy finished painting, I got to go play with Aunt Wendy and Lauraline. Lauraline let me play in room and she gave me a baby! I love me baby that Lauraline gave me! I take it everywhere I go now. Lauraline had a softball game that night so we loaded up and went to see her play. She hit a home run! She ran so fast around those bases and was ready in the outfield when the ball came to her. In my professional opinion, I think she'll be in the Olympics one day!

Cheese Quesadilla 
In Montgomery I also got my first "kid's meal" (whatever that means, everything I eat is a kid's meal because I'm a kid... duh...). I copied my friend Parker and went to Moe's and got a cheese quesadilla. It was the I chased it down with water and even got to eat my favorite with it, guacamole! I like trying all the new foods Mommy and Daddy give me. I love graham crackers and if I'm good while eating my meal, Mommy gives me a few bites after I finish eating. I drink water out of a big girl sippy cup and boy do I love my water. And it's good for me too - who would've thought?! The parents have given me grapes (they were cut up so don't freak!) and I might love them just as much as graham crackers!

Some pretty neat people came to
church and sang and painted this
at the same time. I loved it! 
 I got to experience Easter this month, I learned so much and looked pretty cute in Lauraline's hand-me-down Easter dress. We celebrated Jesus' death, burial, and the most happy day ever, His resurrection! We went to big church with Parker and those silly kids Daddy hangs out with. Mommy started off our morning by reading me the story of how Jesus came back from the dead to save us, to take our place. I don't quite get it all - but Mommy and Daddy pray I will one day and until then they said they'd just keep telling me all about Jesus and God and how much He loves me. I can do that, I love reading my Bible. I read it to Mommy and Daddy sometimes, they say I'm an excellent reader. The day before Easter was my Dabo's birthday - he's older than dirt. :) Happy Birthday Dabo! Love you and MiTessa!

Well guys, that about covers everything I've done this past month. I have loved every minute - even that night I woke up ay 12:30am and stayed up till 4am! ;) Mommy and Daddy were very, very, very tired and they even said they thought about driving me to Dabo and MiTessa's house and leaving me until I was 16. They didn't - just drove around Hueytown at 3am until I went to sleep. It's all because of these blasted front, top teeth! They are driving me crazy, but one finally came through so now I have 3 teeth! Yay! I have a busy, busy May coming up and can't wait to tell you all about it - until next time guys, I'm going to cause some mischief in the meantime!

Sipping my water! 

Watching my favorite video, The Wiggles singing "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing"

Playing with my new kitchen Aunt Wendy got me! 

Reading my book to Mommy.

Hey look, it's me and my best bud Lauraline! 

Base hit for my Lauraline! 

I loved watching my cousin play softball, she is so good!