Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Onety-One Months ;) (11 Months!)

Hello there my awesome readers! I'm so glad to see that you are catching up with me, I've been super busy this month doing all sorts of fun things! I'll start off with my first road trip - it was to Atlanta, GA. A whole new time-zone, whatever that is... Daddy had a conference to go to so Mommy and I tagged along. We didn't see that much of Daddy after the conference started but we did get to go to the Georgia Aquarium with Daddy! It was the best thing I've ever seen. There were so many fish-ys and so much to see! We walked around and Mommy took lots of pictures so I could see those fish whenever I want. I also got to see some kitty cats that liked to swim - Mom called them "otters", I'm not sure why though... They totally looked like kitty cats. After the Aquarium we went to this place that had lots of people and they were nice to me. We went up to a really neat room where I could crawl around all over the place and you'll never believe this, but my toys were there! I don't know how they got there but sure enough, they were there waiting on me to play! :) Mom and I took some pretty awesome walks around the city the next day. We found this magical place where water shoots up from the ground and you can play in it. I thought it was wonderful. We left the next day and drove back home. I must say that I did exceptionally well on that car ride because I want to take more trips and I figured that if I did good then Mommy and Daddy would take me to see more places. I'll report my findings in the future if we go on any more trips.

That same weekend was Mother's Day and Mommy's birthday! I can say this for sure - I love my Mama. She is my best friend. And we are pretty darn cute together if I do say so myself. ;) I got to spend time with my whole family that day - except for Aunt Wendy and Lauraline. I did send Lauraline a card and picture of the two of us that week though. Aunt Wendy told Mama to tell me that Lauraline hit another home run at one of her softball games!

Something fun I am doing now is, much to Mama's dismay and public humiliation, pointing to everything and everybody and exclaiming, very loudly, "Wwwwwwhaattt?". I just have, have to know what's going on and who everybody is! I am also standing up by myself from sitting on the floor. I used to have to crawl over to things to stand, but now I can do it on my own. I'm not walking on my feet yet - just my knees. Mom wants me to walk, but I like messing with her. I walk all the time when she's not looking. She does tell me I'm pretty cute when I walk on my knees, so I think I'll stick to that for a while. ;) I also do this thing where I say, "ba-ba-ba" while moving my arm back and forth from my mouth. It is great and now Daddy and Mommy copy me - those silly people will do anything if I do it. Got them wrapped... I am proud to report that I have 3 more teeth since last month, bringing the total to 6. Six pearly whites... And I have a gap! Aunt Morgan is so excited about my gap - she has one too! I am still trying new foods and drinking water from my cup. Daddy and Mommy say that I'll need to start drinking my milk from my cup soon too. I'm not sure what I think about that just yet...

Well guys, I will be ONE YEAR OLD in a month. Can you believe that? I don't know how to tell time just yet but it does not seem like that long ago I was born. Mommy and Daddy are in a state of shock - they keep saying that they don't know where this year went or where that tiny baby is. They better not be looking for a tiny baby! I'm the only baby in this house!!!! :) Mama tells me that I'm her big girl now and that I'm her bestest friend ever - I like that. She and Dada are my bestest friends ever too. I'll leave you with my pictures for now - until next month, LP.

MiTessa and me! 
Walking on my knees ;)
Pat, pat the kitty cat - you're not supposed to hit and pull his hair... Who knew?
I'm a climber! Don't worry though people, Mom and Dad are always right there with me and don't let me climb when I don't need to! 
This is my "aww-wee" thing I do to get everybody's attention. All I do is lay my head down on a pillow or Calvin or my other animals and smile and coo until anyone looks my way. They say, "aww-wee" and think that I am the coolest thing since sliced bread. :) 

I got a car for Mom's birthday! :)

Pat, pat the Lizard that Aunt Rikki caught - not supposed to garb and squeeze them either.  

Walking with Nana and MiTessa