Saturday, August 9, 2014

Month 13! [Aug. 2]

I am officially done with my first year of life. I very much so enjoyed it and have started off my second year of life with so much fun and class. :) I know I wrote about Daddy's birthday (America's too!) last month but I'll add just a few thoughts... We went to American Village to watch these things that lit up the sky with all sorts of colors and made loud, very loud noises. Mom and Dad called them fireworks. They were AWESOME!! I wasn't sure at first, but I couldn't look away. MiTessa and Dabo came too; we played in the grass, laid under the stars and fireworks, got to see Mrs. Ann, walked around, and saw a bunch of people. It was wonderful. I know that I've shared some pictures from that night but here are a few more! :)

Some fun things I like to do are climb and sit in my chair to read. Lauraline gave me her tiny, purple chair and even sewed my name on it! I love that chair!! I like to get my books out and read and also run and jump in it when Mommy and Daddy chase me. It's so soft and cuddly and warm. I love climbing on top of things too - Mom calls me a monkey! But I'm not hairy, nor do I say things like "oohh-oohh" or "aahh-aahh". I climb on the bed, on the couch, on my window seat, my new chair, my mommy, my daddy, Calvin - pretty much anything that will sit still long enough. 

 Mommy and Daddy left me again for another week! This time it was Mommy that was in charge of a Kids Camp and Daddy took those stinky kids to lead worship there. I got to stay with MiTessa and Dabo - of course, I had the most wonderful time. Rikki came and spent a whole day with me, I rode the four-wheeler, played outside with Jake and AJ, got to see my Nana, take naps when I wanted (I pretty much got to do whatever I wanted, I always do!)... I sure do love getting to stay with them when Mommy and Daddy have important ministry stuff to do. Mom says that, soon!, I'll be able to go with them and hang out with the stinky kids too! :) That makes me happy - I am rather fond of those kids. 

I had a few visitors this month too - Uncle Adam, Caleb Jr., and Courtlyn! Adam came over and helped Daddy plant pumpkins in the garden. They are getting ready for the pumpkin patch that is coming in a few months. I tried helping but ended up getting blisters on my hands from digging :) I did end up climbing up and down Adam's truck. It was awesome! And then a few days later Caleb Jr. and Courtlyn came to play. Their mommy had to work and their daddy was out of town preaching. They are so much fun and have so much energy! I usually get tired and want to rest - not those two! We went to the playground and rode bikes and ran around and Caleb even tee-teed on the fence! I tee-teed too, but in my diaper! :) I love being able to play with friends, I mean Mommy is great and all, but friends are where its at! Because I rule the sanctuary now and think that I'm the preacher (sorry Dean!) Mommy takes me to the nursery to play during church. She won't let me walk around and play with everyone there... Preston and Parker are there when I get there and I get to play with them for the whole time! There is this bouncy ball that I go straight to every time I walk in - I grab it and walk around for a while before I'll play with everyone though. :)

Some things I love are Veggie Sticks, crackers, milk, water, climbing, books, my bath, my game on Mommy's phone that has the fun sounds, theme songs, music, dancing, Henry&Rabbit, outside, walking, laughing, making other people laugh, waving and saying "hi!", being silly, "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" song, Calvin!!... Oh!!! I have 2 new teeth, bringing the total to 8!   Some things I don't like are my bed - I've recently decided that for night-night time I require, nay demand (very loudly), Mommy to come and sleep with me. I'm also not fond of green beans, Mommy telling me "no", Calvin running from me when I'm trying to get his tail, still not very adoring of that car seat... 
Thanks again for keeping up with me! This new month brings a lot more change as Mommy is starting back to work. Daddy will be keeping me in the mornings while Mommy goes to teach 4 year olds about music and Jesus' love. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, but spending time with Daddy is going to be wonderful! Also, my favorite sport starts at the end of my 14th month - FOOTBALL!!! :) Yipee! See you guys in a month! SIDENOTE: Pray for Iraq, Christians and minority groups are being persecuted - so many awful things are going on over there right now - also for the Israel, Gaza Strip, and West Bank. Jesus is the only One who can heal the deep, deep wounds that have hurt those people for such a long time. 

My monthly pictures will include some of my favorite books, characters, and quotes! I hope you enjoy!