Wednesday, August 21, 2013

All Smiles Today!

Sweet little Lucy Paige woke up in an incredibly good mood today!! :) We played on the couch for about 15 minutes and she just smiled and laughed - it was the cutest and most precious thing I've ever seen! I love my sweet girl so very much! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Word from LP

So my friend has this kid - and this kid is so smart she can already type and is only five months old! :) This kid is also my goddaughter and is seriously so cute! Just tonight she was playing with Lucy Paige and making the best laughing and giggling noises ever (actually I was making LP's legs "kick" Parker and Parker was happy and laughing - Lucy, well she was crying because I made her get up to change get her diaper changed...)! Anyway back to Parker typing... Her mom lets her update her past month as she sees the world and it is just precious! So I'm going to allow Lucy Paige to take over the reigns - so here we go! Enjoy!

Hey people! My parents decided to name me Lucy Paige - I would have much preferred something like Queen Elizabeth, the most high or Pluto, the ever-changing planet/dwarf or even Q but alas, Lucy Paige will have to do! I'm kidding - I love my name, Mom keeps going on and on about how I was named after her favorite character in one of her favorite books and since I'm her favorite daughter - it works! :)
I was a month old on August 2 (6 Weeks Old today!) but I'm just now getting around to typing this up because I've been so busy hanging out with my Mom and Dad. They are so great - I love them and I know they love me so much. I gave them quite a surprise when I decided to come early on my birthday, but I like it that way - I like surprising people with my skills. I am already holding my head up by myself and working on this thing called "tummy time" - I call it "annoying and if I cry loud enough Mommy will get me time".  My doctor is wonderful - I've been to see her for my one month check up and she said I was just perfect and so strong. I'm still small, less than 5% in my percentiles but that's just because I ran out of "womb" (like my joke, Daddy told me I'd get some laughs if I used it!) in Mommy's tummy and came early. Dr. Irons says I'll catch up in no time! Guess what - I'm the size of my friend Parker when she was born! :) Mommy likes that I'm still small - she says it's like she gets to have a snuggly newborn for longer.
In my first month here on planet earth, I've traveled what seems like the world! I've been to Lawley, Hoover and Alabaster! I LOVE going to Lawley because that's where my MiTessa and Dabo live, I also get to see my Nana, Poppa, Aunts Rikki, Morgan and Megan and lots of other strange people my mom calls family. I've also met my only first cousin as of now, Lauraline. I can't wait to play with her. She is so much fun! Her Mommy is my Daddy's sister and I love her and can't wait to hear more stories about Daddy when he was little.
A few things I really like are baths, being outside, my bottle, being swaddled, going to church and meeting all those happy people (they really love me!), being in my room laying on my changing table, snuggling with Mommy and Daddy, making silly faces at people, Mommy and Daddy talking to me and playing on my mat with my mirror - Did you know there is another baby that looks just like me?!?
A few things I don't like are the car seat (and don't you know that if I want to go see my Dabo and MiTessa I've got to be in that blasted thing! It makes me so angry! Mommy is hoping that I learn to like it better... Maybe I will...), wet/dirty diapers, getting out of the warm bath water and getting hungry/being tired.

So that's it for now - I can't wait to talk to you guys again but for now I've got to get Mommy and Daddy up, it's time for another bottle! :)