Thursday, February 25, 2016

A New Chapter

Our little family is starting a new chapter. We are so excited to see where God is leading us. And while we are so excited, we are also grieved. We will be leaving friends and people who have become family to us. Although we won't be far in distance - it's still a change. We are leaving the only home our sweet girl (and Calvin for that matter) has ever known. Change is hard, but necessary for things and people and churches to thrive.

Hueytown has been our home for five and half years. We have lived, loved, grown, laughed, cried, and so much more here. We love Hueytown and the people here. We love our church and the people we've done life with there. We have made friendships that will last a lifetime. We have made wonderful friends outside of the church. We brought our daughter home from the hospital here. We celebrated five anniversaries here. We "grew up" here. We lost some very important people along the way, who will never be forgotten. We grieved and cried. We overcame and learned that grief is a part of our story - not the end of our story. We laughed and celebrated the joyous occasions! And there were so many! We had victories and defeats, major success and major disappointments. We have learned to love (high) church liturgy and traditions. People have hurt us and I'm sure we've hurt others. We've forgiven and been forgiven. We have learned and grown and stretched and defined our journey of faith. We have, hopefully, taught and guided and lived our faith out and encouraged and spurred on and invested in our church and community. Hueytown and FUMCH will always be a special place for our family. It will always have a piece of my heart. It will always be a reminder of God's faithfulness in our lives. It is a part of my faith journey and I am thankful. I am so thankful and grateful for our time in Hueytown.

Our last night with our sweet FUMCH students. Love them so, so much. We are praying blessings for them and the church, praying they find God's perfect person for a Youth Minister for them, and praying they grow in their faith. 

Yes, be all there. Thrive (you can, even in the most dire circumstances! It is all about your attitude and how you choose to act! [easier said than done, I know]) where God has you. Thankful that we invested in and were invested in at Hueytown. Thankful for our new chapter. And you, dear reader! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lucy's 2nd Birthday Party!

Here are some pictures from Lucy's birthday party! It was such a fun day. We celebrated on the Street, Sesame that is. ;) She got to bounce in the Bouncy House with her friends; Parker, Preston, Caleb, and Courtlyn. Tay-Tay, Babo, Rikki, Mo-Mo, Skeeter, Mae-Mae, Steve, Rebekah, Amber, Caroline, Lauren, Terri Ann, and Preston's parents came to celebrate with our girl. Aunt Winnie, Uncle Todd, and La-Line were on an adventure in Oklahoma living in the affectionately monikered "Mansion". Haha! :)