Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Big 1-4! [Sept. 2]

Happy, Happy, Happy!!! Some words I'm using to describe my 14th month on planet Earth. I'm not going to apologize for being late this time (it is Mom's fault though - she is so busy and trying to figure out how to manage her time better and she better figure it out soon!!! I've got avid followers who like reading my stuff!). I'm too busy having fun and playing my Mommy, Daddy, and friends.

One afternoon Mom pulled out my little snuggle nest that I used to sleep in when I was a baby. I played in it and had so much fun! I used to fit so snuggly in it but now - not so much! I like putting my babies in the nest and patting them night-night. Dada and Mommy think I'm a silly girl - and I may be, but I love playing and being silly and having fun!

One day this past month I had to to go Mommy's work before she got off because Dada had to go somewhere and couldn't take me. Anyway - I had so much fun playing with Mrs. Robin and the other kids! They had snotty noses though - all of them! Mom says I don't need to go see them too much because we are getting into the "sick season" and she doesn't want me to get sick. Don't tell Dada but I think I made a "boyfriend"! James - we loved playing together and he got upset when Mom came to get me. He looks a little like Bruno Mars and there is another girl in there that looks like Wanda Sikes... whoever those guys are. I had to put silly faces on my friends because Mom said we can't share their pictures without permission from their Mommies and Daddies.

I got to go on my first real vacation this past month! Me and Moma, and Dada went to the beach! Aunt Wendy and Lauraline were supposed to come but they couldn't get out of work and school - I was sad because I really wanted to play with Lauraline! MiTessa and Morgan got to come down though. I did wonderfully on the ride down (This is Ryan - no, no she did not. Don't let her fool you - she still hates the carseat! She did ok though, but not "wonderfully".) Blast that silly Mommy - I did a great job! We got to play in this gigantic bathtub that Mom called the ocean. I played in sand too! Here are a few pictures - they can tell the story better than I can!
I loved the ocean and sand so much! I did not want to take any pictures with anyone because I wanted to play in the water and sand! Mom managed to get a few though. 

I say this every time but I have had so much fun! I love being here and making people laugh. I love eating and drinking my milk. I love brushing my teeth - I do it every time Mom changes my diaper because I have started that alligator-death-roll-spinning again. This month two of my favorite people had birthdays - Lauraline and MiTessa! I still love Henry and Rabbit, Kitty, Calvin, my "Welcome to the World" baby book Lauraline gave me, my baths, my Moma and Dada, bananas and oranges, all the balls in my playroom, and my baby dolls. Football started this past month and I still love watching it! Alabama is the best team ever - I know my Granny, Poppa, and Granddaddy would agree! You guys have a great month - I'll be writing again soon! 

What?! You don't wear a bucket on your head?