Tuesday, March 12, 2013

22 Weeks! Now We Can Count Down!

How Far Along: 22 Weeks! :) Over the Halfway Mark! Yeah! 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still not 100% sure on this one and I always forget to ask. 

Maternity Clothes: Yes, I couldn't wear my regular jeans/pants now even if I wanted to. Lucy is getting big! I can still wear non-maternity tops and so I mix in as many different tops into my wardrobe as much as I can since I can only wear like 3 different pairs of jeans. I am looking forward to Miss LP getting bigger so I don't just look fat but actually look for sure pregnant instead of just a little bit pregnant. 

Best Moment This Week: I've had so many great moments this week and since the last post! :)
a. Sweet Baby Parker (here is her sweet Momma's blog page) was born last Wednesday and I had the privilege of being at the hospital for her arrival and taking pictures of her sweet, little self with her new family. She wasn't that tiny though - she weighed 7.15 lbs and was 21 inches long and has the longest fingers! She is so beautiful and honestly, sometimes babies aren't that cute when they first arrive - but she is! :) I also got to take her newborn pictures after she got to come home! Dad, Mom and sweet Parker are doing great! And also, she is our goddaughter! I am way too excited to watch her grow up and learn about Jesus and how much He loves her. And she'll get to do this with a built in best friend - Lucy Paige!
b. Another great moment was our dr. visit yesterday. I got to hear Lucy Paige's heartbeat and hear her kicking the doppler. She has some pretty strong kicks and our dr. said that I should be feeling some really some super strong ones on the next couple of weeks. I can feel her moving around in there now but it isn't like a strong kick or anything.
c. I had my super special ultrasound done in February and everything checked out just fine. Lucy Paige's growth is right on track and the fluid levels had returned to normal (whew, that was the biggest relief for us). We confirmed that Lucy Paige is, in fact, a girl and not a boy. I had a dream that we went to that specialized ultrasound and they told us that she was a boy and I was a bit upset - but it was just a dream! :) She has the "cheeseburger" thingy - the three lines that indicate girl.
d. Finding LP some really awesome winter clothes for next winter at a consignment shop near my dr.'s office, Ladybug Lane. I got to fill a plastic bag with all it could hold and got it all for just $5!! In all, I got 13 outfits for $5 people! I totaled the price tags from the clothes and if I had bought them at regular consignment price it would have cost me around $100 - and there is no telling what I would have paid for it all if I had gotten them brand new! I am seriously thinking about framing the tags and receipt! 

Gender: GIRL!!! Lucy Paige Phelps - yay! 

Movement: She is quite the little squirmer - she likes to move around when I'm sitting down. Our dr. said I should feel some major kicks in the next couple of weeks. 

Food Cravings: None really... The Hawaiian Ice place has opened in hyt and I can NOT wait to get a pina coloda flavored one! 
Aversions: Still brushing my teeth - I have to sing songs in my head to distract myself. Such a weirdo...

What I Miss: Having energy when I get home in the afternoons. I feel like I have the most energy during the day, while I'm at work and that stinks because I'd rather have energy to the things I want to do at my house! Oh well, I just need to suck it up and do what I need to do! ;)

Sleep: It's ok - I've been tossing and turning these past few nights. Makes for long mornings for me... 

What I'm Looking Forward To: Lucy Paige getting bigger and TJ getting to feel her moving. Also, I only have one more monthly dr. appt.! After my April appt. I'll start going every two weeks for a couple of months and then it will be once a week! I'll have my sugar test at this next appt. - I've heard mixed reviews on this so I guess I'll see what it's all about. 

Baby's Lucy Paige's Size: At 22 Weeks, Lucy Paige weighs about 1 pound and is 11-12 inches long - about the size of a spaghetti squash