Wednesday, February 18, 2015

19 Months! [Feb. 2]

Boy oh boy, Month 19 was a doozy... It started out with Mom and Dad on one of those stinky kid trips. Somehow or another I caught RSV and Enterovirus (not the scary one that has hurt a lot of kids, thankfully). Those led to an ear infection, but only a tiny one because my doctor caught it early. Any way, I was sick and it was not fun. Not at all... I got better rather quickly and since I've only been sick, like twice, it wasn't too bad. Mom says I need to build my immunity up somehow.

My Mommy and Daddy made a very great friend when they moved to Hueytown. Her name is Lindi. Mom says she's an "easy friend", whatever that means. Anyway, Lindi had a baby and she is the tinniest, little girl. I love seeing her picture.

                                                        So Mommy gave Daddy a "Year of Dates" for Christmas. I don't know what the appeal is because it ins't like you can play with it. It's a piece of paper with writing on it. I got cool toys for Christmas and all Daddy got was some paper. Anyway they went on this date thing and I guess they had fun. I had more fun because I got to go to the Farm with Babo and Tay-Tay! I really enjoy going to the Farm and playing outside. There are dogs, cows, horses, and lots of space to run around.

Up late, late, late one night... Like 12am... :) Mom was super impressed and happy! 

I LOVE my Mommy! 

Mom thought I was cute so she took a picture.... Silly Mommy, I'm always cute!
Setting the mood for Date Night for my Boys and Girls.  

Super Man, here to save the day! 
Let us go forth and conquer! Ride on, Mommy, ride on!
"Mom, you're slow like a caterpillar. Its ok, here are three cute cats and two funny looking ones. Here is the key, you have two hours."
Elmo's eye sure is tasty! It is considered a delicacy in some parts of the world.

I'm confused....

Oh you know, just chilling with my legs hanging out of the crib. It's how I roll.

Hey Guys, Jesus loves you! 

That's it for Month 19! I still love Elmo and all his friends on the Street. I love baths. I love yogurt, smoothies, pasta, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cooking, playing, reading. Mom says I'm sassy and a silly goose. Most people would agree. :) Until next month, when I'll be 20! No more teens for me! 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas was wonderful this year! Lucy got so many Little People it is crazy, so many! But she adores them and gets to explore her creativity. She is hilarious with them, it is os much fun watching her play with them. I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!!! 
Fun with Christmas Gifts! 

Dabo and MiTessa's Christmas!
TJ got his "Nanny Quilt"!! He was so surprised! Lucy, when no one was watching, climbed onto the table to play with Nana's collectible ornaments. She was standing there saying, "Balls! Balls!". She was so proud of herself. 

This is our Christmas as a family of 3! Lucy got a Tricycle, Little People, and a cute Ballerina Elephant. TJ has a bicycle coming for me in the Spring! :) I'm excited! And I got TJ a "Year of Dates"! We've already been on one of them and it was so much fun, all of the dates are things we haven't done before so I'm excited to spend time with him trying new things. Some of the dates are "Lucy-approved" so she can tag along.