Saturday, January 4, 2014

6 Months - Y'all, That's Half of A Year!

Guys, can you believe that I am a whole half of a year old?!? Mom and Dad can not believe it at all, but I am! Just 6 shorts months ago I made my grand entrance into this world. I surprised everybody by coming early and have been surprising Mom and Dad and keeping them on their toes ever since. Speaking of Mom and Dad - you know what? They are the best, they take such good care of me. My sweet dr told them yesterday that out of all the kids she had, I had the best parents! Of course my MiTessa has already told them that several times, but the dr told them and that made them feel good, like they were doing something right (if they'd just learn that I require all things and desire to place said things in my mouth, they'd be good to go! :) ). I've known that they were awesome all along though. :) Now, onto my updates!

I am eating like a big girl now - 3 times a day along with my bottles. I have recently discovered that I like "ball-y peas" and green beans. They are delicious. I have also sampled whip cream, cream cheese, and ice cream - you see a theme there? I like this thing called "cream" and I must have more. Mom has only given me the tiniest of bites but I assure you, it is delicious. So with cream, I love all my foods - sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, peas, apples, pears, peaches, bananas, and rice cereal. I am still on this "stage one" stuff but that supply is about to go away and Mom says I'll start having "stage two" foods (whatever that is…). She says it has a little more to it and mixed flavors. We shall see - as long as sweet potatoes are still coming at me regularly I'll be ok.

I also acquired my first "sickness". It was no fun. I got a cold a couple of weeks before Christmas. I was stuffy and it was hard to breathe through my nose. And Mom had to use this terrible, blue, rubbery, ball thingy. I She squirted this nasty stuff in my nose and then stuck that blue thing in there and wouldn't you know, it got all my snot out. Even though it helped my nose feel better, I hated it and let Mom know every time she used it. She never learned… I got over the sickness in just a few days and felt much better by Christmas! I was set to star as "Baby Jesus" in our church's live nativity scene but couldn't because of that nasty cold. Oh well. I got to have time with Mom and we had fun anyway. :) And just a day before my 6 month birthday, I had a fever and did not feel good at all. Mom and my dr said it could be due to teething because I felt better the next day. I just needed some snuggle time with Mommy. No teeth to report yet - but if one doesn't come in soon I may drown Hueytown in my drool.

Something cool that I've started doing - trying my hardest to CRAWL! If my hands would just cooperate I'd be on my way. I can definatly scoot around though - nope, you can't leave me in one spot and come back to find me in that same spot! I started that sitting up stuff last month and am proud to say that I can successfully sit all by myself even better. Mom and Dad are so proud. As well they should be - I have mad skills. I even showed off my cool skills for Dr. Irons. She was beyond impressed with my "almost crawling" and other developmental skills. I'm ahead of the game. I have caught up in height to the other babies who were born in July too - I am 26 inches long! That's the 50th percentile! And my noggin is in the 50th percentile too. My weight is still in the 10th, I'm at 13lbs 12oz. But I'm growing and not leveling off at all, which is a very good thing. Dr. Irons said I'd be tall and skinny and that's fine with me. I may play basketball or volleyball (just not with those panties!) or I may play piano or violin or guitar like my Daddy or I may be a writer (I'm pretty good with my words!). Daddy and Mommy told me I can do whatever I want just as long as Jesus is number one.

Y'all - Christmas was awesome. Daddy and Mommy read Jesus' birth story to me a thousand times this Advent season. I am so excited to get to know Him more - Mom says if we just keep reading my Bible we will know more and more about Him. Can't wait. I really enjoyed Christmas - all the lights and paper and fun decorations Mom and Dad put in our house. I loved watching Calvin climb the tree Dad set up! A tree,! Mommy yelled at Cal when he climbed that tree though. I laughed, he's always getting in trouble for something. I had lots of Christmas traveling and visits with family and friends. I really loved every minute of it, except when I got tired and needed a nap. I am not ashamed to take a nap when I need one and will nap just about anywhere! We had Christmas with just me, Daddy, Mommy, and Calvin; MiTessa, Dabo, Aunts, and some soon-to-be Uncles; Aunt Wendy and Lauraline; Aunt B, Uncle Randy, Christy, Stephen, Jaylen, Jaylen, and Uncle Chuck Taylor (hey, I have shoes called "Chuck Taylors"); Nana, Granddaddy Clay, and aunts, uncles, cousins; Dabo's side of the family - more aunts, uncles, and cousins; and my best bud Parker and her silly Mommy and Daddy. It was so much fun! And guess what, even though I'm only a baby I got presents! I had to have some help opening them but I loved getting them open. I got learning and developmental toys, stuffed animal friends, clothes, diapers, food and formula, and Nana made a quilt for me! It has lots of different flowers sewn into it. I love scratching and feeling the flowers and I love the colors too. And something special that Mom had no clue about - Granny knitted me a Christmas stocking! MiTessa asked her to do it back a million years ago when Mom and Dad got married. And MiTessa didn't know she had knitted it until after she passed away; she found it along with other squares ready to be put together to make other stockings. Mom was so excited to have that. She said something about loving that she and all her sisters had matching stockings made by Granny. It was such a great Christmas, I loved getting to see all my family friends. Mom says Christmas isn't over till Epiphany (who knows what that is but it isn't till January 6) and we have one more Christmas gathering - it'll be with my twin friends! And do you know what Dad and Mom did a few days after Christmas? They left me to go with stinky kids to Gatlinburg, TN!! Nah, I'm kidding about the "stinky" part but they really did leave me! I had way more fun than they did though, I'm sure of it. I got to stay with Dabo and MiTessa! We didn't do much of anything, just played and did what I wanted. Mom told me she did get to meet a hairy faced man named David Crowder. Apparently he is a musician and really good. I've heard his music and eh, it's ok. I was happy to get to stay with my g-parents but I was over-the-moon excited to see Mommy and Daddy when they got back.

Well, that's just about everything I did last month - it was a great, fun, and busy month but I loved it so much! My likes are still the same - bottles; food; Henry; sassy-paci to chew on (someone said I was supposed to suck on it but I just want to gnaw on it); mirror; stand-up-thingy; just about anything I can put in my mouth; that silly cat I live with, Calvin; my baths; watching kids play; and you sweet person, you…

And I want to say hey to Lauraline, my one and only first cousin. I hear you like reading my blog, that's awesome. I think you're beautiful, smart, kind, and a great cousin and I can't wait to see you again soon!