Saturday, August 20, 2016

18 Weeks! It's a BOY!

How Far Along: 18 Weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: ??? Not sure, probably not much. This kiddo isn't hungry and doesn't like for me to eat anything! Acid reflux is killing me! Maybe I'm growing a monkey or some other hairy being... ;)

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes! And apparently I like the palazzo pants with the black shirt...

Best Moment This Week: Finding out that Baby P2.0 was measuring great at his anatomy scan and that he is a HE!

Gender: Boy! What the what?! What in the world are we going to do with a boy?! A friend told mom that you teach boys to pee off the porch - that's what you do with boys. Hahaha!

Movement: Yes! I commented today that I feel him more on the weekends, when I'm not concerned with keeping other children alive and well.

Food Cravings: Nah, but with this one I'm having to eat smaller meals more frequently.

Aversions: The brushing of the teeth - again. I can't take it. Also, some smells are getting to me. ugh...

What I Miss: Laying on my stomach. I want to lay on my stomach so badly! TJ and Lucy gave me a surprise a couple of weeks ago - a body pillow! It has helped so much with sleep.

Sleep: Propped up on lots of pillows and multiple potty breaks during the night.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Getting around to choosing his name. TJ and I are still undecided, but we said we'd make a decision this week. I commented on Facebook that his moniker is similar to Lord Voldemort's nickname right now. And he can.not have the same name as Lord Voldemort. 

Baby's Size: About the size of a sweet potato.