Tuesday, May 26, 2015

21 Months :) [April 2]

Y'all, my Mama. She's a mess. She forgot to post my posts (this one and 22 Months)! Here it is - late, but here nonetheless!

So, I'm legal - whatever that means. 21, seems sophisticated doesn't it? I must admit it was a great month. I did lots of fun and new things, I even helped get a couple engaged! Here we go, enjoy!

I had lots of playdates this month with some of my favorite friends; Parker, Caleb, and Courtlyn. We played outside on the playground, watched movies, ate dinners, and had lots of playtime with my toys. Caleb and Courtlyn are so much fun (and Mama said to say, "so full of energy, too :)" )! I keep up with them even though they are two years older than me. They make me laugh so much! We also had Parker's 2nd Birthday Party! She is old, like really old. I mean 2, wow?! She got lots of great gifts! I sure do like going to birthday parties, there is always cake. Mama never lets me have cake unless I'm at at party. So if you know of any parties going on then just let me know, since I'm legal and all now. ;) Speaking of parties, my favorite twin Aunts had a birthday, too! They are 23, I'm almost the same age! They had a strawberry cake that I longed for. It was a tale of true love; like real, gut-wrenching, I'm-gonna-die-without-this-cake kind of love. I begged, I cried, I reached, I gave Nana puppy eyes. That's the one that will always cave, the Nana. You want something, go to the Nana. I sure do love that Mo-Mo and Mae-Mae. I think they love me too. They taught me this funny saying that is awesome, "Yummy, yummy; there's a party in my tummy. So yummy, so yummy!" I say it more like, "Yummy, yummy; party tummy", Mama thinks it is hilarious. That same night I met Marley, she wasn't super happy because she did't get a lot of sleep. But she sure is cute! I need to see her again so we can really play together. We both like our naps, so we will need one of those before we play together. :)

I got to spend time with Tay-Tay and Babo, for almost a whole week. Tay-Tay was off of work on this thing called Spring Break. It was the.best.week.ever. I played outside, rode the 4 wheeler, planted flowers, stayed up late, ate all the best foods. I sure do adore my Tay-Tay and Babo, I love their house - The Farm. I can do whatever I want. Tay-Tay and Nana took me to the Mall to meet Mama and Tay-Tay rode the carousel with me while we were there. When I go to church with Tay-Tay all of Nana's friends just have fits, I guess they think I'm cute. :) I am pretty cute, if I do say so. Sometimes when I go to church Chloe is there, we are Nana's only great-grandchildren. And we are incredibly great. Nana always tell us she "loves us a bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck".

I enjoy entertaining and being silly, it's one of the things I do best. I haven't done my job unless you're tee-teeing in your pants from laughing. One night I just went super silly and put Daddy's shorts on and ran around the living room. I took lots of selfies, too. On another night, I put my bloomers on over my jammies and put all my stickers on my shirt. Mom laughed until she cried. It was ah.maz.ing. Mae-Mae came to play with me one day and I had her in stitches too. A constant entertainer, it is good business. And laughter is the best medicine.

I'm going to leave you with some pictures now, I had a great month and am excited for month #22. I'm talking up a storm and most of what I say Mama and Daddy can understand. Mom said to say I am kind, sweet, brave, strong, beautiful, sassy, hilarious, welcoming, encouraging, imaginative, and so so much more. I think she may love me, just a bit. I enjoy getting to play outside and swinging. I have some special things happen this month that I so enjoyed - Disney themed Silly Supper at church, Mo-Mo and Skeeter getting engaged (I helped trick Mo-Mo that day!), and my very first Egg Hunt! Here are all my pictures! See you next month! 

Peeling stickers off the wall that Tay-Tay put there. 
Mama don't care 'bout nutin'.
Mama doesn't know how I got here and frankly I don't remember either, but man I'm cute. 

Selfies during a meeting at church. 

Locking Mama out of the house. 
Hide and Seek - great game.  

Playing with Par-Poe at the Gardens.  

Me and La-Line! 

Sliding at The Egg Hunt.