Monday, March 16, 2015

No Longer A Teenager - 20 Months! [March 2]

Twenty Months, you guys, twenty months... I am no longer a teenager, I'm a sophisticated 20-something. And it feels great! :) February was a fun month; snow, spring weather, Rikki's birthday, silliness and tom-foolery, my first shiner, Camp Sumatanga, and so much more!

Rikki turned the big 3-0 this month and we celebrated with Mexican Food! It was a blast, Tay-Tay got me a ballon. And Charli Bay showed up with her Mommy, Daddy, Na-Na, and Wee-Wee. Charli Bay and I had a great dinner date. We talked and played and ate and listened to music and played with my balloon. It was fun! We got to sing the Birthday Song to Rikki and the waiters put a funny hat on Rikki's head. Skeeter was there and I sure do like that Skeeter.

I've been helping Mommy cook a lot. It is fun, she lets me stir all the things. I think Mom has been sneaking some veggies in my meals though. She's a sneaky lady! I do like some veggies but I sure do love pasta, cheese, yogurt, bananas, eggs, grapes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, water, milk, orange juice, pancakes, strawberries, cantaloupe, corn, peas, and grits. Oh, I almost forgot - I love COOKIES! Like Cookie from Sesame Street, except I'm not blue. Speaking of blue, you'll never believe this but most of the time I know all my colors! Red, blue, brown, yellow, white, purple, pink, orange, black, green... I like to play around with Mommy and Daddy sometimes and say that blue is red and green is orange and so on. It is so funny; they'll ask and I answer the wrong one and then I laugh at them. I like playing tricks! It keeps that Mommy and Daddy on their toes!

I got to play outside a lot more this month too. Some days were warm, some were freezing, and some had SNOW! Mommy says weather here is so unpredictable. I love playing outside, especially with my balls and slide. We have a pretty big yard and I walk all over it when I go out. Mommy says we will be able to play outside more in the next few months. I hit Daddy with snow balls the day it snowed! That was amazing! That snow was cold though, I think that's why I kept throwing it at Daddy. I mean, he did keep balling it up and giving it to me - that Daddy is a glutton for punishment. 
I've been playing with play dough a lot while Mommy cooks the things that I can't help her cook. Daddy helps me make all sorts of silly things. We make snakes, balls, pizzas, and we even stick some of the play dough to our faces! It makes Mommy and me laugh so much! Over there <--- is a picture of me with a crown Daddy helped me make. Reading books, watching Elmo, and dressing myself have been tops this month. My favorite guys on Sesame Street are Elmo, Cookie, Earnie, Abby, Mr. Noodle, Telly, Grover, and Murray. Mom told me the other day she's happy that I picked Sesame Street to like because "it doesn't annoy me [her] and it really is funny and educational" - whatever that means... I have started picking up letters, number, shapes, and colors from watching it. I'm really good with my colors and shapes. I know star, moon (my favorite!), heart, circle, square, diamond, and triangle. 

You guys, I got my first black eye this month... I was running and being silly and then tripped. I fell right on the corner of a door frame. I cried, but only for a minute. Mommy gave me "med-cine" and my "butt-fly" ice pack. I was ok, but did have a bruise for a few days. A few days later we went to Camp Sumatanga with our church. I had so much fun that Mommy brought me back early! Apparently staying up until 12:30am is only for the big kids and adults. I don't know why Mommy didn't get good rest, I only needed a few hours and I was good to go! We left a day early and it was cool with me because my Tay-Tay, Babo, Mo-Mo, and Skeet-Skeet met me and Mommy at the mall! Babo rode the horses with me! Skeet-Skeet bought me a cookie. It was the best day ever. 

Black eye picture - if you can tell...
Preston was there, but he didn't get to take the picture because he was taking this thing called a "nap". I don't take naps when I'm out and about. I have to entertain the people! Mommy did "add" Preston to the picture though... 

So last year I talked about the EndIt Movement. We did it again this year, Mommy says we do it to raise awareness for the estimated 27 million people trapped in slavery today. There are more people trapped in slavery today than in the history on mankind. That is a lot. And it is something we shouldn't allow in our world today. Mommy says when I get older that I can actually help do something. But for now, I'll be a Freedom Fighter and raise awareness with my posts and pictures. Check out to see what you can do! Mommy also told me that I should write about what's going on in the Middle East right now. A group of extremist are killing Christians. It isn't good to hurt other people just because they are different from you or have different beliefs. Me and Mommy pray for them at night, before bed, because they shouldn't be treated that way. So, I know I'm a silly girl and I like to make people laugh, I'd like to be serious for a second and ask you to pray for people trapped in slavery as well as people being persecuted for their beliefs. Mommy says we can  change the world, we can all do something.

You guys!!! Aunt Wennie got married!! I am so excited for Wennie and La-Line! She married Todd, and he's a pretty neat guy. He is some sort of big-wig in the Air Force. He has 3 children, I haven't met them they but I'm excited about having more cousins!

Last, but not least, Daddy and Mommy went on their second date! I didn't go but I had more fun than they did because I went to The Farm. :) I"m going on the third date though and I'm excited! :) I know I keep posting later and later but I'm getting them done as fast I can! I'm just a toddler for Pete's sake. Can't wait to fill you guys in on my 21st month in a few weeks!