Thursday, November 13, 2014

I Can Drive Now?!!?? - Sweet 16! [Nov. 2]

You guys - you aren't going to believe this but I am 16! 16 months old that is, but 16 nonetheless. My month started out perfectly, stayed perfect in the middle, but ended kind of rough - I got sick! For the first time in 16 months of life I was really sick - croup and an ear infection. I'll get to all that in a minute though.

The start - like I said, perfect - was a trip to the Birmingham Zoo! It was the perfect day, a bit overcast and 75. And the Zoo was just about empty, their were not a lot of people milling around. I got to see so many different animals there. There were lions, all different types of Callie Cats (I said "meow" to them), bears, a tiger!, zebras, giraffes, elephants, hippos, a rhino, monkeys, an ape, all kinds of birds, and I got to ride a train! Mommy and Daddy let me lead all day - they followed me all over that place. I loved it! We had ice cream while waiting on the train to come back. I had the best time - I sure do love that my Mommy and Daddy get to spend so much time with me.

Aunt Rikki! 

I got to spend time with my Dabo and MiTessa too! They are the best grandparents that anyone could ask for. They give me bites of candy (don't tell Mommy!), they ride my on the 4wheeler, they have puppies and cats, there is always something going on at their house too. MiTessa cooks me yummy things to eat! They also take me to church - now don't get me wrong, Mommy and Daddy tale me to church too but they don't get to stay with me. They have important jobs that they have to do, but MiTessa? She stays with me the whole time! Her job is to watch me and the other kids. I help her with the baby when she comes. I'm a good helper. And speaking of my MiTessa and Dabo's house, they have lots of baby pictures of Mommy and my aunties. One photo of my Aunt Rikki looks just like me! :)

I got some new shoes this month - sparkly, silver shoes! I love my shoes so much. MiTessa found a different pair of play shoes for me and my cousin, Charli Bay, sent me my first pair of Nikes. I'm styling and profiling! ;) I adore my shoes, I ask for them all the time. And I keep asking until Mommy pulls them all down from the shelf and then I run around the house with them. I also love bows. I love asking for them too, I demand for them to be placed in my hair so that I can pull them out at a later time. Shoes and bows, y'all. They're were its at. Oh and balls, I'm still in love with balls. Mom got a container to store the balls in and it's boss too. Shoes, bows, balls... :)
I helped Daddy put a ceiling fan in my playroom! I used the screw driver and everything. I think I'm going to love helping Daddy fix things. :) He told me I was the best helper he'd ever worked with.

MiTessa found Mommy's old baby quilt that Nanny made for her when she was a baby. I sleep with it every night now. My Nanny makes the most awesome quilts ever! I have two crocheted ones, a quilted one with my name on it, Mommy's baby quilt, Mommy's butterfly quilt, and rumor has it Daddy may be getting a "Nanny quilt" for Christmas (so I'll have it too!)! Shhhhh, don't tell him!

Ok, remember last year when I talked about these pumpkins growing in my yard overnight?!?! You'll never believe this but they came back! This year though, I called them "balls"! best.thing.ever. A million orange balls IN.MY.YARD. There were also these guys that Mom and MiTessa called "scarecrows" - I called them "crow-crows". They were so funny - they stood on sticks. I had the best time playing outside! And something else that grew in my yard??? A HUGE slide and jumpy-castle-thing. If I thought the balls were awesome then I was out of my mind over the slide. Mommy, Daddy, and MiTessa took me down the slide so many times. Halloween came back around too - this year I made Mommy dress as Wendy Darling, Daddy dress as Peter Pan, and I was the cutest Tinker Bell ever. MiTessa came to help Mommy and Daddy at the Trunk or Treat. We had so much fun. I got to walk around and let everyone tell me how cute I was. :) Mommy says maybe next year I can have some candy - I just don't have all my teeth yet! I do have more though! Not sure how many because I always bite Mommy when she sticks her finger in my mouth.

And now, the sickness... It was terrible. I had the croup and had to go to the after-hours doctor. You wouldn't believe I was sick because I was running and playing with everything. It only got bad at night - it was hard for me to breathe. They gave me some medicine and I felt better. I had to go back to see Dr. Irons the next day and wouldn't you believe it, I had the very beginnings of an ear infection! I didn't even know it! Dr. Irons gave me even more medicine and I am back to 100%. Because of this though, Mommy slept with me in my room on a giant blowup trampoline! It was awesome.