Monday, March 20, 2017

Month Numero Dos

Hey there, world. I'm back for another update. And goodness, it has been a doozy. Mom is amazed by my skills - just like Lucy had major baby skills, well so do I. Just after my one month birthday I started wearing size one diapers and 0-3/3month clothes! My legs are growing incredibly fast. I have so much more room to s t r e t c h . . . And I sure love stretching, it is awesome. After I take my 4oz (!) bottle, I arch my back and let my head go back, purse my lips, throw my arms up, and take the biggest and longest stretch. Then I burp, like the man that I am. I am holding my head up like a champ and doing pretty good with tummy time, Mom says TT will help my muscles... I'm not sure she knows what she is talking about.

I haven't done too much since the last update because Mom says that there are sick people abounding in the outside world and she wants to keep me safe. On my two month birthday, though, I went to church for the first time. And slept right through it... Haha! Sorry, Jason, your voice put me to sleep. Later, that same day, I got to meet my favorite cousin, Lauraline, and Aunt Wendy! They stayed with us for a few days, apparently they aren't from 'round these parts - they are from a magical place with tornados, wildfires, earthquakes, snow, and ice - Oklahoma, or the armpit of Texas as Mom has heard it called by proud Texans. Mom said it was a really cool place and that we are going in the summer to meet the rest of my cousins and Uncle Todd. That'll be awesome! I'll get to ride in the car! I love riding in the car, it is my favorite! Until the car stops, pauses, slows down - Mom says I get mad as a wet sitting hen if that thing stops... If I'm in it, it has to GO! Mom thinks it is the strangest thing. Lucy, apparently, hated the car seat with a passion.

I'm eating from bottles now, too. You see, everybody went back to work on some sort of schedule midway through this month. I'm not too pleased. They say it's for the best but I feel like I'm getting the raw end of the deal here. At least I've gotten to stay with my family while Mom is gone during the day. She says that soon I'll get to go to school with her and she'll be able to check in on me during the day. I've started giving my people smiles and laughs. They think it's to die for. Gracious, they eat it up. And I know when to turn it on to get the best results. :) I can still do awesome grumpy faces. I'd say I'm pretty talented. I love to snuggle, too! Mom says Lucy did the same thing that I love to do. What can I say? When you've got a good thing you have to share it with your little bro - I have the BEST big sis ever. Anyway, what you do it wiggle in Momma's, Daddy's, TayTay's, who ever's arms until you have your face good and boroughed in their arm pit. I know, I know, it sounds stinky but so far I've had good results with this method. You get your face good and buried and then magic - you go fast to sleep and it is the most glorious sleep you've ever gotten.

I still love the same things that I loved last week - sitting up to see the world, sleep (just not naps, I like cat-naps though), baths, the car, tvs, lamps, fans, Sister, people talking to me, eating, going outside. I do not like wet/dirty diapers and not being feb when I want to be fed.