Monday, January 15, 2018

8 Months

Mom said to use the b/w version of this photo - something about how much she loves the lighting or whatever. 
Again, mostly photos for this month. I got my second and third toothys this month. And guess what?? I have the g a p! Like sissy and Mo! Mom thinks that it is the best. I kind of like the gap too - I can breathe through it and make the best sounds. I like playing peek-a-boo. Really, I'm trying to hide from Mom's incessant photo ops. I throw my hand up, over my face and hide until they all start harping on and saying "Where's Jack? Where's Jack?". I'll then show my handsome face and they all marvel at my awesomeness. Suckers, every last one of them. But, they got me one time. Got me real good. They put my in my jumper at Tay-Tay and the Bob's and I fell asleep. I was not even remotely tired and I just konked-out. Out cold, like a hit from the great Italian Stallion himself. I can not figure out how they got me that day. Oh well.

Look at my cousin, Mason! He's tiny compared to me! I am pretty fond of that kid. He's going to by my and Lucy's best friend. 

See this nonsense!? Out like a light. 

7 Months! :)

Wow, 7 months. I can't believe it. I'm old. For these next few months, I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking. I'm much too busy to sit down and write every stinkin' month. Lauraline has been here visiting. She's pretty cool - definitely has the whole teenager vibe down. I love my sister. She is my favorite person ever. She makes me laugh. I got to spend the weekend with Tay-Tay and the Bob while Mom and Dad were at the beach with the stinky kids. ;) I had tons of fun. I love the Farm. Tay and the Bob let me do what I want! :) I am officially crawling and man, oh, man, I can get around sooooooo fast. We got to celebrate Tay-Tay's birthday - she got a horse and Lucy promptly took him over as her own. His name is Sam. Also, I had to start school. S C H O O L. ugh. Mom had to go back to teaching, sister to K4, and dad has always worked so there was no one at home to hang with me. The parentals said I couldn't stay home by myself, so off to school I went. It isn't too bad. But still - s c h o o l.

Dad took us on a alternate route and this is where we ended up. Mom almost had a come apart on him. It was hilarious. 

July 2017 Family Photos

I decided against taking the 0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month photos like I did with Lucy. Because really 3 and 9 month photos aren't that big of a deal and this time around I have two kiddos, a full time teaching job, I am a full time student, and a myriad of other roles/expectations that I have to fulfill. I have also found that it is so much easier to get other people to take and edit our family photos. When we lived in Hueytown, my best friend took photos for us all the time. But now it isn't easy to get her down like we used to. And I still had to go through and edit them! So, we've decided to make things a little easier for us. So, without further explanation or complicated run-on sentences, I present you with our photos! Jack 6 months and Lucy 4 years.