Monday, February 6, 2017

Three Years Old...

Aug. 2015 - Playing Elsa in the backyard.
Oh, my sweet Lucy. You are such a joy. And you are t h r e e y e a r s o l d. Wow, how did that happen? We just celebrated your second birthday like 2 months ago. You bring so much joy to your people's lives. So much. We had such a fun year with you! You started "school" during your second year. You were fully potty-trained and then decided to "be like the other kids" in class and went back to diapers - much to my dismay! Gracious... But you picked it back up easily and conquered that mountain! You quickly decided that you didn't like school anymore. That was a trip. But I was kind of fine with it because I wasn't ready to let you go... We made a huge move and you did such a good job. You are a champ. You do still mention your old home town and ask to go to Taylor Bug's often. You immersed yourself fully into pretend and play. You love your "girl dresses" and wanted to wear them all.the.time. I let you wear the Elsa dress to HYT church one day because you refused to wear anything else! It was absolutely adorable. I will never forget you running through the sanctuary before church started in that blue, sparkly dress with glitter and snowflakes. You are truly a blessing and joy, you make me smile, you make me brave, you make me proud, you make me exude happiness. And I know you do all that for your Daddy and other family, too. We love you and are proud to have you as our daughter. Remember, you are the only you there is. Keep on being you and bringing JOY to others.

August 2015 - Helping Nick do his Eagle Scout Project!
Keagan's Baptism, Aug 2015
Beach Trip! Sept. 2015

October 2015 - Thomas the Train
November 2015 One of my very favorite photos of you! You were thrilled, had pure joy on your face. 
December 2015 - Christmas Program at PRBC for Mother's Day Out. You were the cutest bell-shaker! 

Jan. 2016
Jan. 2016
March 2016 Chilton County Peach Orchard
March 2016 Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Easter 2016 at MSBC
April 2016 - field behind our house before it became a corn field! 

A Day Out With Thomas! Such a fun day! April 2016

Babo and Tay-Tay came along, too! :) 
Mother's Day - May 2016 - You LOVE your family! 
June Beach Trip with Student Ministry - your first student trip! 
Your Birthday Party - Lowe's themed! I'll add another post about your party. You had the BEST time celebrating Lowe's Style! :) 
Baby girl, I am so sorry this took so long to get together. Goofy things kept happening when I tried to upload these photos. I have loved every minute as your momma. You rocked your third year of life and brought so much JOY to everyone around you. You braved moving to a new house like a champ. You are astonishing, my girl, simply astonishing. And technically this shouldn't be in this post, but you are facing year 4 like a whirlwind. We love you with all our hearts and momma will be better at posting updates for you this year (in fact, I could do your 3.5 year old update now!). 

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