Friday, February 17, 2017

Jack's First Month

Hello world, I've become self-aware and plan to initiate total world domination in 5,4,3,2,1... Just kidding - I've been self-aware for a while now. Now, I'm just out in the open. The name is Jack - Thomas Jackson if we're being formal. I was born on an abnormally warm day in January. Mom had had enough of me being Jack, Jack the Jumping Jack and jumping on her bladder so she kicked me out of my nice, warm, cozy, dark home. That stinker... I'm definitely getting her back though by getting her out of her nice, warm, cozy, dark home a few times every night since she kicked me out. I sure do love that lady, though. Don't tell anyone, but she is my favorite. She has kept me fed for an entire month, which is a great feat since I hear it didn't work out too well for my sister. Speaking of sisters - mine is awesome. I love hearing her voice and watching her run around. She seems to be the epicenter of my family's lives. I think she's sharing her world revolving skills though because my people seem to like holding me, too.

Mom says I should tell you about my name, Thomas Jackson. Thomas is form my Granddaddy, Donald Thomas - Tay-Tay's daddy. Jackson has two meanings - Jackson from Babo's mama, her maiden name and Jack from one of Mom's favorite authors CS Lewis. My sister was named after one of Lewis' most beloved characters, Lucy Pevensie. I guess Mom really likes for names to have meaning. It's all good, I like my name - Jack. It's old-school sophisticated, you know.

I'm learning to hold my head up by myself and it is awesome. I love looking around and seeing all there is to see. I do not like leaning back or laying down. I want to sit up and see! I've heard so much for those years inside Mom's tummy and now I gotta know it all. When I'm not looking around. I love to sleep. You heard me correct, sleep. It is wonderful. If I start grunting and pretending to wake up, you know what happens? Mom will get me and let me sleep on her! I sure do love that. Mom calls me a grumpy, old man - can you believe that? She says I make grumpy faces all the time. Psshhhh.... I'm just studying the world and making my observations, I can't help what the faces I make.

A few things that I truly enjoy are baths, watching and listening to my sister, having people talk to me, sitting up and watching, Babo's tv, fans, lamps, Mama, eating, car rides aren't too bad (as long as they don't interfere with my first love, food), sleeping, mirrors... There isn't a whole bunch that I don't like - just dirty/wet diapers really.

That's it for now - until next month!

Oh - another fun thing about my name? My initials are TJP - my dad's name is TJ! So I have Dad's name, Granddaddy's name, Granny's maiden name, and Mom's favorite author's name!

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