Friday, March 11, 2016

Family Manifesto

Using a different prompt tonight! "Make a family manifesto". Sounds daunting, right? And maybe a bit dictator-y. But I think this is going to be a fun entry and will for sure be fluid enough to change and grow with our family. I researched manifestos and read quite a few different styles. This is going to be similar to those "house rules" Pinterest posts, I suppose. Any who, here we go!

  • We will love, always.
  • We will forgive.
  • We will dance until we can't breathe properly.
  • We will give endless hugs and kisses. 
  • We will play and pretend. 
  • We will play tricks and "scare" each other. 
  • We will love God above all and then others. 
  • We will show grace and mercy.
  • We will snuggle. 
  • We will go outside.
  • We will be a blessing to others.
  • We will be kind. 
  • We will tell the truth. 
  • We will ask for help. 
  • We will play dress-up. 
  • We will listen well. 
  • We will make good choices. 
  • We will go on adventures. 
  • We will try new things. 
  • We will be good friends. 
  • We will choose joy. 
  • We will listen to our music, l o u d l y. 
  • We will create. 
  • We will read - all the books. 
  • We will reach out to the poor, oppressed, and lonely. 
  • We will be a part of something bigger. 
  • We will be the hands and feet. 
  • We will know that Jesus is better, always and always. 
  • We will dream big dreams. 
  • We will discover. 
  • We will be grateful. 
I am sure I will add more to this. These are some things I came up with just sitting on the couch listening to TJ and Lucy talk and giggle in bed (at 11:45pm, when she has a birthday party to go to tomorrow and daylight savings time... pray for me y'all. :) ). I did steal a couple from Pinterest that I loved and inspired me to write this one. I will probably make this list into a printable to frame for our house. Because, while I can't handwrite it out very well, I can definitely make a pretty darn cool word art poster on my computer. ;)

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