Thursday, March 10, 2016

Writing Prompt Journaling...

I have a friend that is writing each day for Lent. It has been neat to read her posts. She is actually a professional writer so I doubt my writing will be anywhere near as good as hers. But this is for me and people so I'm good with putting some thoughts down that aren't up to snuff, professionally speaking. :) I actually found a writing prompt that was an "all about me" prompt and it was really neat. Way too personal for the internet, though. I'll have to put all that down on paper. Anyway, I found a prompt for lists and I thought it would be something interesting to try out. I chose the "3 Things that Make Me Smile" list.

1. Lucy - She is silly and makes me smile all.the.time. She'll even grab my face when I'm upset with her and look at me through squinted eyes and say, "Mama, are you happy? Smile at me!". It makes me smile every time. She is just a funny and bright little girl. Today, we were having lunch at DQ and ran into Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Marilyn. Lucy talked to them and goofed off, making all of us laugh. When is was time to go, I asked Lucy to go give them hugs. She did, but not to them first! She went to the two older ladies on the other side of us and then to Lisa and Marilyn and then on to another lady sitting by herself! It blessed my heart and made me smile. My sweet girl, making sure no one is left out.

2. Hand-drawn Lettering and Art - I love seeing all the creative posts on Pinterest. I wish that I had the talent to make that amazing artwork come to life. I do know how to print it off and frame it! I love seeing beautiful things, especially things that are uplifting and food for my soul. My office walls at FUMCH were littered with this beauty and it was so encouraging to see while I was there working. They made me smile and spurred me on. I plan on putting them up in the new house where I can see them all the time.

3. Mexican Food - It is my hands down favorite. Give me some chips, salsa, and guac any day. You'll be my best bud. :) My new favorite guacamole is Miguel's Guacamole from Zapopan. Ahhh-mazing!

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