Saturday, March 12, 2016

What Are My Top Three Priorities in This Season of My Life?

Writing prompt number three.

What season of life am I in right now? That is a great question, actually. I have just transitioned out of the work force and am going to focus on being a wife and mother. I am very excited for this phase. I get to be TJ's wife and Lucy's mom. I am most excited to be wife and mom only - for a while - at our new church. I know that I will eventually volunteer in some role because I feel like God has given me that gift and I will use it for His namesake. Right now we are living in transition mode. It's crazy. Our house is in shambles. Our new house looks like a city scape almost - towers of boxes and stuff everywhere. So, my top three priorities? Here they are! *pictures are from Lucy's best bud Parker's birthday party today! It was so much fun! Wizard of Oz themed :) *

1. A better and stronger relationship with Jesus. How can I do this? It is all a matter of choice. What I choose to do. Easier said than done because believe it or not - I can be l a z y. I have the tools, I know what to do. So, here's to actually doing it. Here's to putting my knowledge to good use. What I would like to do is get up earlier and goodness, I know I am in control of my sleep. I am a night owl by nature; I inherited "sleepy-deepy-i-tus" from my father. It makes you stay up until the wee hours of the morning and encourages sleeping in. I did get a new bible recently, the Beautiful Word Bible. It is similar to the Illustrated Faith journaling bible that a lot of people are getting into. I have attempted the pretty artwork but it just looks awful. I am better at writing, not drawing. It has all the "prettys" that I adore and encourages me to read more in my bible. I am also wanting to find a mentor. A friend in hyt has one and mentions her often. Titus 2 encourages older women to teach and train younger women. I need something like that in my life. I would also like to do bible studies. Like Beth Moore or Priscilla Shirer or Lisa Harper or Angie Smith. I was able to be involved in them years ago at our first church but haven't had the opportunity to do any since. I enjoyed the camaraderie and encouragement from being involved in bible studies. Today, at my goddaughter's birthday party, I overheard ladies talking about starting their new study at a friend's church and I was jealous! I'm sure Mineral Springs has something going on, we just haven't been there long enough for me to find out (tomorrow is only our 2nd Sunday). Mineral Springs seems to have a lot of younger couples and I am excited to get to know them.

2. Being the best I can for Lucy and TJ. How can I do this? Make them priority over myself - most of the time. I know that I need to prioritize myself some of the time, so no worries about me neglecting some sort of health issue or whatever. But, for now, my job and responsibility is wife and mother. Nothing more. I need to focus on being present, focus on listening, focus on cultivating deep and meaningful relationships with my sweet husband and precious kiddo. I plan to refer to our new family manifesto to do these things! :) TJ read it and said it was perfect.

3. A fitter and healthier me! How can I do this? Refer to priority one - make good choices. Right now I make the easy choice way too often. Moving to the country will force me to work at meals and plan better. I will have access to better walking paths (the road by my house! no busy traffic!!) that I won't have to drive to. This "baby fat" has not gone away and I need to fix this so I can run around with my girl and not get tired or winded.

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