Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wiki, Wiki, Wiki - Five Months Y'all! :)

Hey, hey guys! So I am officially 5 months and 3 days old! I have had a really great month - not a super busy month but it so much fun! I have been four-wheeler riding and had my first Thanksgiving. I have been dedicated to Jesus and spent a few nights with my MiTessa and Dabo. Aunt Megan, Aunt Rikki, and Aunt Morgan baby-sat me - more like I entertained their pants off… :) Let me give you some details and pictures! Here we go!

So I told you about riding this thing called a four-wheeler - it was the best. Dabo told me he got the "buuund-buuund" just for me! Ha! Mom had to bundle me up and rub sticky stuff on my face so I didn't get wind chapped, whatever that is. Dabo had finally had enough of Mommy's fussing and stole me and we went riding! It was so much fun - Dabo said he'd build a box for me to sit in on the front just like Poppa built for Mommy. Not yet though - I'm still too little to sit all by myself; give me another month though and I'll be ready! :)

We also had fun at Thanksgiving - my friend Parker brought her parents down and we had lunch at the Farm and played the afternoon away. Later on that day, after my friend left :(, Mom and Dad took me to Nana's house! There were so many people there - they kind of scared me when we first got there. Mommy held me tight for a minute and then I was ok. :) Granddaddy Clay held me for a little while and told me stories - he told me I should publish my stories! Lots of people have told me I should try and publish my stories! I've got my agent on top of it - Mom's the best! Bwwhahaha! 

Onto my baptism - On December 1, Daddy and Mommy "officially" dedicated me to Jesus. They promised to raise me to know Who He is and always try their best to point me to Him. They've done a pretty good job so far. Mommy reads me my Bible (right now we are talking about Advent and Jesus' birth story - I thought that was a type of bottle, who knew?!?) and they always pray with me or about me… I've heard them on occasion say things like "Jesus, please help us, Lucy Paige will not go to sleep"… Don't they know I like tricking them!? ;) My whole family and sweet friends came to watch me. I loved having them and my sweet church folks there too! Parker's parents, Andrew and Rebekah, and my Uncle Wade and Aunt Stacy became my godparents that day too. All that means is they'll make sure Daddy and Mommy are doing their job and teaching me about Jesus. And they better or else the godfather's will give them concrete shoes and let them swim with the fishes… My Aunt Wendy and Lauraline came to watch that blasted AL/AU game and spend the night the day before my baptism - we had fun! Lauraline held me and played with me - I really like that girl. I think we'll be friends. And Aunt Wendy is pretty cool too! I think she might like me just a little.
*(I'm trying to get my pictures to load but they won't - I'll have to add them later!)

I am also eating soupy, tasty foods now! Woot! The dr gave me the green light to eat this so called "solid food" at my four month appt but Mommy had already let me start eating rice cereal a few days before my appt. After the appt, Mom started adding some really yummy stuff called sweet potatoes! I sure do love sweet potatoes! I have tried apples, peaches, squash, bananas and carrots! I really like everything so far, but when Mom first gave me carrots I was not at all pleased. They looked like my love, my dear sweet potatoes, but they were not. I kept on eating them though, fully expecting those sweet potatoes but no no avail. I think I like carrots now though. And if you don't get that next bite of food ready for when I swallow the first bite, I'll pitch a fit - I love food!!

I am also proud to report that I am sitting up all by myself! I still lean forward and kind of tip over but I'm doing it, oh yeah, I got my big girl panties… Size 2 Pampers that is! :) Ha! I crack myself up - I'm so funny! Mom got me some new clothes too - I was getting too long for 3 month clothes. So I'm wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothes. They are a little big but I've got room to grow! I still love my baths and now food! I love my bottles and Mommy and Daddy. I love my MiTessa and Dabo - Aunts Rikki, Morgan and Megan. My Skeeter, my Aunt Wendy and cousin Lauraline. I love my Nana and Granddaddy Clay, I love my friend Parker, Courtlyn and Caleb Jr. I love reading my Bible and looking at the pictures. I love football. I love my friends rattle-rattle-rattle, bracelet, Mr. Monkey, Mirror, Stand-Up Seat Thingy, Ellie Elephant, Paci when I sleep, Henry, big bear Thomas, Sarah Doll. I love my short naps and sleeping for 10-11 hours at night. And I love you! :) 'Night peeps!

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