Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4 Months or A Third of A Year! :)

I am four months old. Wow, can you believe it. Well, actually you probably can because my Mama is just now posting my update - 2 months later. She told me that she would get better at posting these and hasn't yet... Lucy said she did the same thing with her. I suppose I can forgive her though, she does seem to have a lot on her plate.

On my actual 3 month birthday, my first baby cousin was born. Mason Henry, he's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. He's still in the hospital and I haven't actually met him, but Mom says he's pretty cool. I posted in my last update that he was here and was early. I can't wait for him to blow that popsicle stand and play with me. Mom says that I could eat him because he's tiny... haha!!

I love my bottles and Mama has been kind enough to continue to supply her yummy milk. But, this month something is different... She's trying to get me to eat from a bowl, with a spoon, some sort of solid-y type soupy stuff... I'm not sure what to think of it. I spit it out and try to tell her this ain't a gonna happen. Nevertheless, she persists... (that's a 2017 political phrase for you right there... that's right, I watch the news) I do, however, like the things she calls bananas. We shall see how far this so-called solid food thing goes...

I love playing on my play mat, sitting in my bouncy seat, and ROLLING OVER! What the what? Yep, you heard me just fine, rolling. Both ways too. First I rolled belly to back for Daddy while Mama was at school and then I rolled back to belly for Mama! I have mad skills. I like sitting on my throne, too. It has a neat table thing with toys. I like toys, too. On my play mat there is a bird, squirrel, turtle, owl, and even me. I swat at them all the time. I am giving in to the parentals and giving them some signature Jack moves - smiling and laughing at them. They eat it up and I've got them right where I want them. Palm of my hand, eating right out of it. I am comfortably wearing 6 month size clothes, too. Ma says I'm a big ole boy. Eh, I don't know. I just know that I like eating, eating is my favorite. :)

This month I had my first "sick visit" to the dr. It was the day before Mom's birthday and Mom and Dad were going to leave me and Lu at the Farm. Well. I had other plans. Mom dropped me off and I pitched a royal fit. I mean, like I had never ever before. Mama came back to get me and we snuggled all night. That whole eating out of my hand, yeah I totally got it. :) Dad was upset with me and threatened to foil my plan. Mama didn't listen to him one bit. She defended me! What? I could totally get used to this. We woke up on Mama's birthday and she took me to the dr because I had been so inconsolable and pulling at my ear (see what I did there? when you pull at your ear they always think it's an ear infection...). There was nothing wrong with me - everything checked out perfectly normal as I knew it would. See their faces --------> Ha! At least I got what I wanted! ;)

Thanks for tuning in for the update. Mom will have months 5 and 6 by the end of this week. Also. Lu's 4 year birthday. She's got a lot to do!

On the Bob's tractor. I can't wait to drive it! 

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