Monday, February 8, 2016

24 Months or T W O Y E A R S!! What, what?!?! [July 2]

Again, Mama is the one who procrastinates sooooooo much... Blast that Mama. But really, I love her so much; she's the best. About 7 months behind, so I'll be posting some pics with captions. smh - shaking my head... that mama. :)

Swimming with Mama and Daddy! I'm a pro! 

First Day of School! I really did love it! 

Also, I went to dance class that night! 

 Date Night with Mama and Daddy! We went to The City, Steel City Pops, and the Color Tunnel! I LOVED it! 

Happy Father's Day! 

I Love playing Daddy's guitar! 

Being Silly on my Party Day - Birthday pics will be on another post! 

Happy Birthday to Me!
McWane Science Center on the day I got my membership! I love going to the City and playing! 

Working at the Car Wash! 

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