Monday, February 8, 2016

23 Months [June 2]

So Mama is late posting my musings, again. It never fails. And this time she is 2 MONTHS forever behind. A lot happened between May 2 and June 2 - I got a new cousin, I finally got to SWIM, I used finger paint for the first time, and somebody drew a picture of me for Mama! I'm going to let my pictures do most of the talking since I'm too busy playing and don't want to write a bunch down.

Playing in my Pool and the Water! 

My sweet, new cousin, Keagan. He's pretty cool. 
I took over Keagan's photoshoot so I could have a picture with EarnieBert. 

Mama and Daddy in Atlanta for two different conferences. I missed them, but loved staying with my Tay-Tay and Babo! 

Just trying to be like my Little People. 

Painting I did for Mama and with Mama. ;)

Swinging in the hammock at the Farm with Daddy. 

Hey, there are two of me! 

Lefties are the bestie! 

Mama and Keagan on his birthday! 

My first time "meeting" Keagan, I think he thought I was funny - or he had some major toots?

I made Bert do the puzzle; he was pretty good. ;)

Playing with the house and people Daddy brought back from Grandmother's for me. 

Belly laughs are the best laughs - I recommend doing it at least once a day. 

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