Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Big O-N-E!!! :)

Hey Guys! So I am officially a whole year old! I'm a little late posting my blog because I've been a busy, little bee - I had to plan a surprise party for my Daddy's 30th birthday and then have my very own party! Mommy and I were a little sick with tummy stuff too - it was no fun. Well on to the details of my 12th month!

Guys, I am a WALKER!! And not one of those things like Daddy and Dabo watch on that magic box that sometimes plays my favorite song about dancing. I started this whole walking by myself thing about a week after my last update. Mommy and Daddy were so excited! I have gotten pretty good at it, although I still prefer walking on my knees - it is so much fun! :)

I've had such a great 12th month, filled with so many new sights and sounds. Daddy has a garden outside and he grew me some squash to eat! I love squash! We took a trip back to that mall we went to when I was younger and I got to ride the magical spiny thing with Daddy. It was the most amazing thing - every so often Mommy was there and then she was gone and then back again. It was awesome.

"So, do you like my new hat?
They are all the rage in Paris...
I call mine 'pajamébotúm'.
You may, henceforth and
forevermore, call me
Madame Lucy Paige."
Something you should know is that I don't give kisses and I only hug my Mommy and Daddy. I show my affection in another way: I will pat-pat you if I like you. Mom and Dad think it is the best thing ever. (by the way, they think everything I do is the "best ever"... they must really like me or something) I learned this from when I learned how to pat Calvin. And I really love Callie so I pat-pat him and now other people and things that I like. So if you get a pat-pat from me then you're on my good side. Mom gave me my water cup one day and while I was sipping she started laughing - laughing at what? I have no idea what she was laughing at but when she laughs, I laugh. So I smiled and all my water just fell right out of my mouth. Mom started laughing and now she was laughing at me and since I have to keep her laughing, I took another sip and then smiled and let the water fall out of my mouth. She laughed even harder, so I obliged and continued doing that until I was wetter than a mad setting hen ;)

So last month Daddy and I celebrated Mommy and then this month me and Mommy got to return the favor! It was great - Mommy helped me take some pictures and make Daddy a card. It turned out just how I pictured it! We went down to Dabo and MiTessa's house that day and we got to play with everybody. And then you know what?! Daddy and Mommy left me there - for a whole week! They had to take those stinky kids all the way to North Carolina! They went to camp to learn about Jesus so I guess it's ok that those stinky kids took them away. :) I had the best time - Dabo and MiTessa really let me do whatever I want! I was happy to have Mommy and Daddy back though. Like I said earlier, Mommy and I planned Daddy a surprise birthday party! We went to a rock climbing gym and played with all the people that came. I loved watching everyone and I kept saying "Wow, wow, wow" at everything. Some of those guys are so strong!

Aunt Wendy and Lauraline spent the
night that night after Daddy's Party!
We had fun! Lauraline is
the bestest big cousin ever.
She loves playing with me. 
Mom had a meeting and Dad had church so I go to stay with
my best bud, Parker Poe. We had the best time.
I know this is after my birthday and technically in month 13, but I'm adding it here!
I loved the fireworks so much! And having out with Dabo and MiTessa wasn't too bad either! 
Me, on my actual birthday, with Mommy and Daddy! 

I still have just my 6 pearly whites and am eating lots and lots of new foods. I don't like "baby" food anymore because I'm a big girl now. My favorite word is "wow". I love, love getting Henry and Rabbit out of my bed and walking around the house with them. I love making people laugh with my silly faces and noises. I talk a lot - especially in church.

I've had such a fun month and I'm so excited to be a whole year old. I get to see my doctor tomorrow and find out what neat things I get to do in these next few months! Thank you so much for keeping up with me and my silly antics over this past year! I'll continue to update you guys monthly and of course share my pictures and stories through Mom's facebook page! I'll update the blog too, when I get my official stats from Dr. Irons! Oh, and I'll add a post about my party later on! :)

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