Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hymnal Wall - How To Apply Paper (that's not wall paper) to A Wall

TJ and decided to redo the youth room this weekend to surprise the kids (and also because the room was pretty awful - colors were chosen hastily because of the even more awful colors that were there before). We painted the room a beautiful neutral green and trimmed it in gray. It looks awesome with the natural wood tables my crafty husband built! :) We choose to do the tv wall as a focal wall - the wall has two large windows and a tv between the two windows. That wall needed something different - something other than paint. So, cue an awesome idea... A wall that has hymns on the whole thing! And this is how we did it and the supplies we used...

Supplies: Paint Tray to pour the Paste in - Wallpaper Paste (we used the paste for high humidity because the wall has two windows) - Wallpaper Scrapper for the bubbles (a metal spatula works great too!) - And Your Paper, we used my Granny's hymnal (side note - I saved my very favorite hymns to do a project with)

First Hymns Going Up!

Add a little paste to the back of your paper.

Spread it like butter! :)

I added a little paste to the wall too, for good measure! 

Apply paper. 

Use the scrapper to get excess paste from the paper and also to coat the top with a light layer of paste. 

Continue until you get all the bubbles out and all the excess paste off the paper. 

Use the excess paste that you scrapped off and apply it to the wall.  And that's it guys! Continue until the whole wall is covered! 

I chose to do random placement instead of a pattern - I think it looks better, especially for the hymns. 

A fitting verse from the front of the Hymnal that was very appropriate for the youth cafe. 

A favorite of mine! 

There you go! I'll have a picture of the whole wall as soon as TJ finishes up tonight! 

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