Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Henry Story: There and Back Again, A Lovey's Unexpected Journey

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Henry Percival Louis Edmund Phelps the 78th. My dear sweet, precious Lucy is allowing me the privilege of telling you the tale of what happened the night I was lost and the treacherous months that followed. It was not too, too awful bad but I did miss my Lucy terribly. Let me start from the very beginning of my tale...

I was born on a blustery, rainy night in May. I do not remember much about that day except that there were a lot of other loveys to pick from but Lucy's cousin, Lauraline, picked me out just for Lucy - she even had Lucy's name stitched on my tummy. Then they wrapped me up and drove me a long way to this thing called a "shower". Strangely there was no rain at this shower but there were gifts - and all for Lucy Paige. Lucy's mommy very carefully unwrapped me from the package and said that I'd make a perfect sleeping buddy for Lucy when she arrived in July. After that day, I waited and waited for Lucy to come. I imagined her and what she would look like and how she would act and how she would smell. I imagined all of our future playdates together. I imagined that she and I would have so much fun together and play all sorts of fun games like dress-up and tea party. And that she would take me everywhere and love me. I already loved her - I would listen to her mommy tell her stories while she was still in her mommy's tummy. I could not wait for her to get here. And then, one day, she did!

It was the best day and she was even more perfect than I could have ever imagined. She was so tiny and made the sweetest squeaking noises. I was thrilled to get to meet her. From that day forward I got to be her sleeping buddy. We would stay awake at night and tell each other stories - she loved the stories about her mommy reading to her before she was born. After we told stories, she would fall fast asleep and I'd keep watch all night just to make sure she was safe and sound. I went with her on all her spend the night parties at the Farm and that was how I got lost...

Lucy's daddy took her to meet her MiTessa to have one of those spend the night parties. We arrived at the meeting place a bit early and so we all went into this place called Target. We walked around and looked at so many things; it was fun... until I fell out of Lucy's car seat. I tried calling out to Lucy but she had fallen asleep. I was very, very sad. A few hours later I heard Lucy's mommy and daddy calling my name but I had been swept under a shelf and they couldn't see me. Lucy told me that they looked all over for me that night and even had those nice folks from the store looking for me. Truthfully, I knew I'd be found - either by Lucy, one day soon, or by another sweet child that needed my love.

And that's where my adventures in Target started! Even though I missed my sweet Lucy Paige, I had so much fun in Target! I made so many new friends there, tried on some stylish clothes, ate some really good food, lounged in awesome chairs, tried my hand at cooking, listened to rocking music, watched the telly, and so so so much more. Allow me to show you everything that I did (Lucy Paige's mommy was able to get some stills from the security footage)...
Trying on a bathing suit to get ready for the summer!

These guys seem familiar... Hmmm...

Working out! 

Love these shoes! 

I can totally rock a mallard hat. 

Trying to look like Lucy's daddy.

Tried to get in a box of diapers because I knew Lucy's mommy would have to get diapers and I thought she'd get the box I was in and I'd end up at home. 

Testing out carseats for Lucy Paige.

Watching movies on the movie-watcher thing. :)

Listening to music! 

Hanging out with some other loveys waiting to go home with a sweet kiddo. 

My friends, Leo Lion, Berry Bear and Alison Alligator. 

Look at this cutie! She and I had long walks through the home organization aisles... 

Watching the Lego Star Wars guys battling it out on Tatooine.  

Love Dr. Suess. 

Reading Peter Rabbit. 

Loved playing soccer with my friends! 

I decided that I needed to lift some weights because I ate a lot of candy and cookies. 

Look at all this COKE!!!!

This chocolate bunny was delicious. 

Napping on a soft, warm, fuzzy blanket. 

Favorite cereal! 

Eating ice cream - I love ice cream. 

I got stuck in this cookie jar quite a few times. 

Picking out shampoo so I could take a bath. 

I had to try on shades because summer is coming up! 
Farewell Ladies and Gentlemen - I am retiring for the night because it is Lucy Paige's bedtime. I hope  you enjoyed my story. I had fun but I am so ecstatic to be home with my sweet Lucy Paige.

Henry Percival Louis Edmund Phelps the 78th

PS 2.26.14
I was told that I left off the dramatic rescue! Here's how that part went down - Lucy Paige and her mommy came into Target about two weeks ago looking for Lucy a pair of white leggings and like any good mommy, Lucy's mommy browsed through the clearance section. I had been in the clearance section for a while with a $3 price tag on my tail when they happened upon me. Lucy's mommy saw me sitting there with only the "Lucy" part of my tummy showing. She said to Lucy, "Hey Lucy, that's your name!" (by that time I had already told Lucy that it was me!! And to pick me up as soon as she could). Lucy's mommy took me to the front and told the people that she would pay for me but that I belonged to Lucy - long story short, the manager very nicely gave me back to Lucy Paige! It was the BEST day - I was so happy to be back with my sweet girl!! Since then I've had to tell  Lucy Paige my story every night! She loves it, especially the part about eating cookies all night!


  1. Adorable! What an incredible story for LP to read in a couple years, and for a lifetime. Ryan, you are a gifted writer!