Wednesday, July 17, 2013

34 and 38 Weeks Pregnant!

Hey Guys! So I know as of this writing Lucy Paige is already 2 Weeks and 1 Day old! Life just got busy and I never had a chance to post my 34 Week and 38 Week updates. Most everything stayed the same as far as the updates go...
Over all I gained around 22 pounds but as of today I've lost it all and then a few more! :) My best moments during those last weeks were when we went to the dr for checkups - I got to hear my sweet baby's heartbeat and I knew with every appointment we were getting one step closer to meeting Lucy Paige! My feet got super swollen and the only shoes I could wear were my trusted old Teva and Yellow Box flip flops - some days I looked like a hobo... Heartburn plagued me right up until Lucy's birth - after she arrived all my crazy pregnancy symptoms just vanished! It was a great feeling to not have to worry about where my Tums were! Here are the pictures from those weeks and I'll be posting Lucy Paige's birth story soon (It was crazy and not at all how I had "planned". But it was perfect - I wouldn't have had it any other way - so thankful for God and His perfect plan for mine and Lucy's life!) and I'll have her first pictures and newborn photos too!

 Life as a Mommy has been hard and challenging but so worth it - I love my sweet girl more than I ever thought I could love anyone that I had just met. She has such a sweet disposition and is so laid back but also very alert and makes the best faces! More on my sweet girl in the next few posts - here are some pics for you to enjoy!
Here is Lucy Paige and some of her cute and silly faces! I love this little girl to pieces! :) 


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