Sunday, February 3, 2013

17 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 17 Weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am not sure - according to my bathroom scales, I haven't gained any weight. I'll ask the Dr. when we go back February 12. (I probably won't tell you though - it's none of your business! Ha!) 

Maternity Clothes: As much as I can! I found 3 pairs of jeans, an awesome jersey knit skirt, and two shirts at Taylor Bugs, all 50% off! I spent $30 on all of that! I have a friend who is giving me some next week too! :)

Best Moment this Week: Getting to spend time with my Pop for the first time since Granny passed away. I have been so sick with the flu and crud that goes along with it and didn't want/need to go see him with and get him sick too. It was such a blessing to get to see him. That day I also stopped by the hospital to see my mom - she is a nurse and works there a few days a week after school. She brought out the doppler and I got to hear Baby Phelps' heartbeat! It was a good, strong 163! That is seriously the best sound on the world!

Gender: Honestly, I have this "feeling" that Baby Phelps is a boy. I don't have a preference as to what gender he/she is, I just want to know so I can start the nursery! There are too many things I love for a nursery and none of them are gender neutral. 

Movement: None, yet. I know it's coming though! I can't wait! 

Food Cravings: I have been craving milk, and I hate plain, white milk. Still do too... So I have had lots of cereal! A new favorite place that TJ and I discovered today - Steve's Grocery in Concord. Oh my word people, it's a gas station that serves deli and specialty meats, BOILED PEANUTS, pizza, hamburger steak, slurpies, all the wonderful gas station staples and gas! It is seriously so good.  

Aversions: Brushing my teeth - that is the only thing that makes me gag. I hate it!  

What I Miss: Being able to not have to go to the restroom every 30 minutes. 

Sleep: It's not been too bad - I have to wake up every hour and a half or so to go to the restroom. There is also this thing called a sciatic nerve that runs from your hip and down through your leg. It is a beast and I don't like it. It gives me issues when I lay down at nights. But it's all worth it in the end, right? :) 

What I am looking forward to: February 12 and 13! The 12th is our next appointment and if Baby Phelps cooperates we will find out the gender is, well the ultra sound tech and Dr. will know! We will actually find out the next day, on my older sister's birthday. I am excited to know what he/she is. I didn't want to find out at first, but TJ has convinced me that we "need" to know, which is fine because I need to decorate the nursery! 

Baby's Size: At 17 weeks, Baby Phelps weighs as much as a turnip, around 5 ounces! Baby Phelps is around 5 inches long from head to bottom. 

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