Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Year of Updates Part Two

I know, I know... You've all been waiting in suspense for my next blog post. Well, wait no longer! It's here! :) I need to update you guys on the other things that happened this past year; so here we go!

Warning: This is not a "hey, I'm going to read this to make me feel better" type of post. It's got a couple of stories about death, but ultimately it's about God's great love for us! So, just be warned!

This is my precious Granny. She passed away December 28, 2012. I was, unfortunately, not home to get to say goodbye to her, but it was just how Granny would have wanted it - TJ and I were with the youth on a trip. And I don't regret that one bit, TJ and I got to spend time with her on Christmas Day and she would have rather for us to have been with the kiddos than with her. She loved that TJ is a minister. She loved that we devoted time to the "young people" and tried to help them know Christ better. This was taken on mine and TJ's wedding day 4 years ago. I am so very blessed and humbled that I got to know her and have her in my life for 25 years. She taught me how to shop, eat good food, love people no matter what, how to love my husband by the way she loved Poppa, and most importantly how to have a relationship with Christ. She was loved by so many and we are all so blessed to have known her. I stopped by to see Pop yesterday. It was the first time since the funeral - I have had the flu and did not want to get him sick. He was doing pretty good. We talked for a few hours and he seemed to be in good spirits. He talked about Granny and how much he loved her. He talked about the day they got married - over 70 years ago by the way! He said that she made him a better man. If you're reading this please take a moment to pray for the widows you know in your life and also, take some time to visit them. James 1:27 tells us to look after orphans and widows in their affliction.

And on a lighter note (in a way...), we adopted a sweet kitty named Calvin! :) We decided to get another cat in August this year because we, ahem TJ, loves cats and we were beginning to get lonely without one running around the house. Our sweet Jay-Bird died in January 2012. I actually found him, Jay, when he was a few months old at a vet's office while visiting my parent's dog who had been hit by a vehicle. (side note - my parent's dog, Scout, was just fine. She had to stay at the vet for a week to be monitored and I just wanted her to know that she was a good dog and that we weren't leaving her there.) While at the vet, they had a cute little "vet cat" - a cat that lives at the vet because someone dropped him off and the vet didn't want to put him down. I thought he was the cutest cat ever! He was so soft and instantly "took a liking" to me. He was black and white and had a black dot on his forehead. I called TJ when I left the vet and told him about the cat. TJ said he'd go by and check him out. He did and came home with him too! I wanted him to have a "j" name and couldn't decide on one that fit him so we went with Jay. This was in the Spring of 2008, before TJ and I got married. Jay loved TJ so much because it was just the two of them for a little over 6 months; they lived in the bachelor pad. :) When I moved in Jay was tolerant of me and then he grew to love me just like TJ. He was a very strange cat, he hated when other people came over, especially my dad. He was comfortable with just the three of us. Skip ahead a few years and we have moved to Hyt and Jay starts having issues with his kidneys. Our amazing vet, Hyt Vet Clinic - Dr. Champion Jr, took such great care of Jay. He really was so compassionate and kind during our time we spent with him. He gave Jay an experimental treatment for his kidneys, it was kind of like dialysis, but it did not work. One night, after coming home from a terrible, no good, very bad day I found Jay laying in the floor; his back legs weren't working and he was in really bad shape. It was around 8:30pm and our vet was closed so we had to take him to the afterhours vet in McAdory. They were awesome there too. We made the decision to put him to sleep so he wouldn't have to suffer. It broke our hearts. We took him to Lawley the next day and buried him close to his outside kitty friend, Oreo. Here is Jay....
Like I said we adopted Calvin in August 2012. He has been so much fun! We actually went to PetSmart to find a female kitten, but this crazy male cat would not let me pet any other kitties in the cage! He would either knock them out of the way or position his head to where it would always be under my hand wherever I put my hand. I told TJ that I guess he was the one we were supposed to get and we got him. His name was Gilligan then. It was a terrible name. :) And since he "chose us" (as a nod to our Calvinistic friends) we named him Calvin. It really does suit him perfectly. He is such a Mama's Boy. He also passes gas something fierce. It smells worse than a grown man's. And here is our sweet Calvin...
I honestly can't write too much else from 2012 that I can remember. If I think of anything noteworthy I'll let you know! :) We find out what gender Baby Phelps is on February 13! That is my sister's birthday too! Much love peeps! Until next time!

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