Monday, June 20, 2011

Its been 70 Years...

So my Granny and Pop have been married for over 70 years - that is a miracle... I'll say it again, THAT is a bona fide, real, true, alomost not even believeable, modern day miracle! How many people can or will say they stuck it out in their marriage for that long? I've only been married for 2 years and 8 months and I can say for sure that it is super hard. It's not something to take lightly - marriage is hard!!!! It's one of the hardest (if not the hardest) things I've ever had to do - choosing to love another person even though you could quite possibly murder them if you have to pick up another stitch of their dirty clothes, choosing to love even though at that moment you could throw a Mountain Dew bottle at their face (whoops!! I've done that!! Love you TJ!) - the thing about marriage is that it is a choice. It comes down to choosing love, patience, gentleness, kindness, SELF-CONTROL, peace, joy (not necessarily happiness because that is a feeling, joy is is conscious decision that you have to choose), goodness, and faithfulness - ummm, wonder where that came from? Galations 5:22. It is all a choice...

Back to Granny and Pop... Granny is in the hospital - she is actually going to rehab to rebuild some strength in her body (fingers crossed!!). My older sister and I visited her yesterday afternoon and we took Pop with us. Pop will be 95 this year and I swear if he could he'd be riding 4-wheelers, climbimg trees, and pretty much anything he could get his hands on! He's as sharp as a tack too! Some of my family think that he is loosing his mind... He's not - He was telling us yesterday about his job at the Belcher Sawmill off Warrior River Road and then going to the War, then his job at Brown Lumber, TN Coal and something or other, and then retiring from Westinghouse after 27 years - tell me that's loosing his mind!! Anyway, while at the hospital he told his wife of 70 years that she needed to go to rehab if that was the best thing for her to get better - he really wants her better do she can cook and bring him dinner whenever he wants it! He prayed for her well being before we left. He kissed her and called her sweetheart. He said he loved her and wanted the best for her even if that meant he'd have to stay by himself for 3 weeks (he has his cats to keep him company though!). He has loved her through thick and thin - she has loved him through difficult and trying times (she had their first child and raised him by herself for 3 years while he was overseas fighting for our country and freedom). They have shown me what it means to choose to love even in the worst circumstances. And the only reason their story is a modern day miracle?? They both made a choice to follow and serve the One, True and Living God - Our Blessed Savior - the Church's most perfect and only Bridegroom!!! Our relationship with Christ is our perfect example for marriage - He chooses to love even though we constantly reject Him. He is all the time what I mentioned above from Galations. He chooses love so we can have that most important realtionship with Him!

Much Love Guys!! =)

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