Sunday, June 5, 2011

Every Hour I Need You

The title has nothing to do with the post per say, but I hear my wonderfully talented husband and the incredible youth band playing it in the background... It's beautiful and I love that hymn so much!

It is not my intention to write about hymns but I think they have so much to say to us. The people that wrote them went through some amazing and terrible things and because of what they went through the songs were born and were given life and still offer hope and meaning today! =)

Now onto what I signed on to write about... My beautiful, sweet, thoughtful, and loving friend (that I've only known for like 5 months and who is like my twin in just about every way [look out world there are two of me!]!) lost her Peppy Wednesday night. Peppy was a husband, father, grandfather and so much more! I only met him once about a month ago and I could tell he was something special. His funeral was today and it was one of the best, don't think I'm being morbid or anything - Peppy was honored in such an amazing way, he had such a full life and was remembered for so many things that he had done. He loved Jesus with his whole heart and instilled that in his children and they in turn instilled it in their children. One of his daughters wrote the sweetest things said about him today - it was about him being a "keeper" of all things. After the funeral was over the lady sitting next to me said something to the effect of "Wow, what a legacy to leave". So that is basically what my point is - what legacy will I leave? I want to be remembered for loving Jesus and living my life for Him and His glory. I want my life to be a reflection of His and I want to be remembered for being all things to all people... I'm not telling you all this just so if I die tomorrow you will say this at my funeral. I'm saying this because I want you to hold me accountable to what I say here.

So this blog is for Peppy and what he meant to our community and church family and also for me and you and what legacy we are leaving on future generations.....

Much Love Guys!!!!

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