Thursday, February 5, 2015

18! I Can Vote! :) [Jan. 2]

I love putting all these silly sayings in my header! I like making myself and Mommy and Daddy laugh. It is the best. Now, I know I'm about a month late posting this but I've been busy, busy. I didn't have time to write. There was Advent, Christmas, New Years, and Mommy and Daddy took two trips with those stinky kids. I'll have to make a separate post for Christmas because there is so much to say and soooooooooooooo many pictures to share.

So at church a bunch of trees grew in the halls, like 100. So many trees. And they all had BALLS!!! I liked to pick some off the first tree that I saw and then when I happened upon another tree I'd immediately drop the first balls and get the ones off the next tree. So by the time those trees were chopped down to make fairy houses, they had all sorts of different decorations on them. ;) I so love those trees and all the fun balls and little girls and animals hanging from them. And the trees have lights! Lights! Lights are pretty.

And guess what, I am learning to tee-tee in the potty! Mommy let me pick out a potty because I am so interested in using the potty. I got a potty that kind of looks like a frog. The first time I tee-teed Mom and Dad made such a big deal, it was hilarious. They danced around and sang songs. They made mini-pizzas with "T"s on them. I am no expert on tee-teeing by any means, but I do go occasionally when I wake up from naps and sometimes during the day. It's fun and I get a good reaction from the parents.

And you guys, there was a parade. ON.MY.STREET., IN.FRONT.OF.MY.HOUSE. I remember this from last Christmas but I couldn't go out there because it was too cold. But this year, oh boy, this year the weather was perfect. I had so much fun! People rode by on these really neat looking cars and HORSES! My buddy Parker came too. We caught footballs and beads! Mom said something about those being the only beads I ever caught at a parade. It was great, I hope it comes back around next year. Later on that week my friends, Caleb and Courtlyn, came over to play. We played and played and played. One thing we did, and Mommy started, was "Earthquake"!!! Me, Parker, Courtlyn, and Mommy were in my playhouse and here comes Caleb, shaking the whole house. We all screamed "earthquake" and laughed. It was fun. I love playing with those big kids.

I still love reading and baths. I love Calvin and Mommy and Daddy. I love milk and water, veggie sticks, cheese, beans, corn, eggs, pancakes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice cream, quesadillas, and so much more. I'm a pretty good eater, except for meats - that stuff has to be mixed in something before I will eat it. I love my little boys and girls and my babies. I love Elmo! He is the best. He comes on with Cookie Monster and Abby and Big Bird and Grover and Murray. They are so funny! And they are teaching me all sorts of fun stuff like counting, colors, numbers, letters, music, dance, and so much more! My stats are pretty good - 20lbs (I'm in the 15% for my weight, but growing each time I visit the dr), 31.5 inches. Dr. Irons is super impressed with my skills and how smart I am. I'm only supposed to know a few words but Mom and Dad wrote down all the words I know and it's over 75 and I know quite a few phrases! I can run, jump, dance, climb, sing, read, pretend, play with my babies and little people. Mom and Dad think I'm pretty special and smart. 

Kissing my ornaments! 

I love our Christmas Tree!!! All the ornaments on the bottom are mine! 
The BEST BOOK you'll ever read!! 

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