Friday, March 21, 2014

God Is So Good!

My daughter just did the most incredible thing ever - my heart has surely melted and I will never recover. I am in love with this child. We were sitting and playing with her toys and she just climbed into my lap. She snuggled her little head into my arm, like she did when she was a tiny baby, and went to sleep with a little smirk on her face. Granted it was time for her nap, but it was the best thing. She just curled her little self up, safe and secure with her Mommy, and went to sleep.

As I was holding her in her room and praying over her I had this thought that she used to fit perfectly into my arms, she's a little bit bigger now so the fit isn't quite as  "perfect" anymore. But she will always have a place in my arms, no matter how big she gets. She will always fit perfectly and she will always be my sweet, sweet blessing. She is pure joy - every time I look at her I'm just in awe. I mean, TJ and I made her. She grew in my belly... Our God is such a wonderful Creator, although she grew in me, He made her - He formed her tiny, but strong hands - He molded her precious face - He thought up her whole being and allowed TJ and I to be her parents. He worked in the best parts from TJ and I and He also work in some of the not-so-best parts so that we can learn to rely on Him. Oh, Lucy Paige is strong-willed and determined - some traits (of mine!) that can be harmful if they aren't directed towards the right path. God is going to do such great things with our girl, I just know it. She is such a ham, so tender-hearted, determined, smart, beautiful, strong, brave, kind, sweet, loving... I am so grateful to have been chosen to be this little girl's Mama!

And if you can't tell, I ADORE the coral and white stripped shirt with the green collar. Don't judge me if I put her in the shirt just about every other day! :) 

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