Wednesday, February 5, 2014

7, The Number of Perfection, Right? :)

So I'm officially 7 months old! Woot! This means we are on the downward slope to my first birthday - wow, my first birthday. That's awesome. Mom has already started planning my party (that silly Mommy is just so excited!). So I've really done a lot this past month - another sleepover while Mommy and Daddy took stinky kids somewhere, screaming, squealing, playing games, having lunch dates with Lauraline and Aunt Wendy, and CRAWLING - say what?!!??!?! Yes, crawling - and I'm so good at it. I'm all over the place now. Mommy thinks it is funny to leave me in a room and call my name to come crawling to her. I oblige her silly game, for now that is. When I start running she'll get pay back for leaving me... :) I started "officially" crawling just a week or so after my 6 month birthday and quickly became a master at it.

And I'm a talker now. It's mostly just squealing, laughing, screaming loudly, singing, and blowing spit bubbles.  I can make the "b" and "w" sounds fairly well but Mommy and Daddy say I'm mostly baby talking. Whatever, they just can't understand me. It's like the other day I was trying to tell Mommy that I wanted out of my stand up thing and she just laughs at me. I'm not a comedian, I'm not making jokes - I'm asking, nay demanding, to be let out and roam around the room. She said it sounded like I was just looking at her squealing. I can totally understand her and what she says to me - she and Daddy just need to learn my language. Something fun I've learned to do is play "peek-a-boo". I just love it, I'll play with anything that sits still long enough. Even when no one is watching, I'll play. It's so much fun! When Daddy and Mommy play with me, I'll hold my bib or towel or toy or even just my hands up and they say, "Where's Lucy? Where's Lucy?" until I drop my hands and then they laugh and say, "There you are!!" and kiss me all over. It is the best. I love them so much.

And now that I'm a crawler, I've decided that I need to crawl over to my rocker or my trunk or Daddy and pull up to stand. I love standing, it is wonderful. My inner ear is not fully developed yet (ha! :) ) so I have trouble balancing but I can do it and am getting better and better at it. Everybody thinks I'll be walking in the next month or two. We shall see... I love to wallow too. I find Mommy and just lay and climb and roll all over her. She just tickles my tummy and we both just laugh and smile a lot. I love wallowing with her. We wallow on the couch and in her big bed, she lets me stand and play with the cushions and pillows. I love scratching and feeling the different textures. Calvin joins our wallowing sessions sometimes. He likes to wallow too and I like laughing at him.

I had another sleepover with Dabo and MiTessa!! I love The Farm, I love going there and playing with the puppies and riding the four wheeler and getting to play with MiTessa's iPad. That thing has all these animals trapped inside and when you touch them they talk! The kitty looks just like Calvin! I love hearing the sounds too. And if anyone, and I mean anyone, has that iPad out and doesn't let me play with it, I'll pitch a fit. Even if they try to hide it from me I just crawl my happy little self over and find it. Who do they think they are, hiding stuff from me... smh ( :) that means, shaking my head! ha!!) I stayed there 3 different times this past month - 1. Mommy and Daddy went to Passion in Atlanta with the high school seniors and college students, 2. Mommy got a tummy bug and Daddy didn't want me or him get it so Aunt Rikki came and picked me up and whisked me away, 3. MiTessa came to get me and Mommy for a snow day. And what a snow day it turned out to be!!! It was only supposed to "dust" in hyt and maybe get about an inch in Lawley and really snow where Aunt Wendy, Lauraline, Uncle Wade, and Aunt Stacy live in Montgomery. Mommy really wanted me to see snow so we packed up to spend the night in Lawley - we ended up getting snowed in for 3 days! I loved it! I got to see Dabo, MiTessa, Aunt Rikki, Aunt Megan, Uncle David, and Chloe. I loved the snow - it was so cold and pretty. Mom let me try snow ice cream, it melted in my mouth and then just ran out. It was pretty strange, I've never had something soooooo cold to eat!

As far as the tooth situation goes - you guys will never believe this but I got my first tooth February 3! A day after my 7 month birthday! So it would technically have to go in next month's update but I'm including it here. Mom has been sticking her fingers in my mouth everyday, feeling for any signs of an emerging tooth and I have been telling her to stop, that I only want my fingers in my mouth, but she doesn't listen. With my new tooth though, I'm going to bite her and then maybe she'll quit.  

Some fun things to mention are my lunch date with Lauraline and Aunt Wendy at California Pizza Kitchen, face timing with Skeeter (along Mo, Nana, and Grandaddy Clay) so he could make the blog post (Hi, Skeeter!!), going to Zapopan with MiTessa and Dabo, and great one on one time with Daddy while Mommy went to "shoot" people. A few of my favorite things are still my bath, I love it. It's warm and cozy and I have chewy toys that I can put in my mouth. I love playing in my room and crawling over to my books, Calvin and his craziness, watching little kids play and run, putting all my toys in my mouth, climbing on the couch and the pillows. I love chewing on my sassy paci and playing my piano.

Thanks for reading! See you in a month! Oh, and guess what - next month my bff will be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!! What?!?!?

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