Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Word from LP - 2 Months!

Lucy Paige has turned TWO MONTHS OLD!! You guys, where did the time go? My sweet girl is growing up so fast and is seriously so smart and strong and awesome and beautiful and, and, and... Everything – she is the best!
I never thought I could love someone so much who has nothing to offer me – yes, she “loves” me but only because I nourish her, play with her, love  her and am her constant buddy but her little brain hasn’t figured out how to love truly yet. I kind of feel like I know a little how God feels about us – how He loves us even when we have nothing to give, when we don’t fully understand how to love, when we are sinners not covered in His grace. He loved us first before we even knew Him and He loves us unconditionally. I loved her fiercely before we even met, before I knew she was LP; I sacrificed my health just to know that I wouldn’t take any medicine that could hurt her; I didn’t freak out and breakdown when I really wanted to just give up because of all the awful things that happened during my pregnancy (and just so you guys know – It was totally Jesus guiding me, carrying me through those awful months; I could not have done it on my on, I was ready to throw the towel in). I know I can’t love her unconditionally like God loves us; I will fail her, I will mess up – I already have. But I will strive my hardest to point her to the One who does love her the best, who will love her unconditionally, who will never fail her, who will always be there for her no matter what – Jesus. It’s really an awesome thing, this kind of mirror reflecting God’s love for us in my love for my sweet LP. I didn’t fully grasp the awesomeness of God’s love for His children until I had LP and let me tell you guys if God loves us even a tenth of how much I love Lucy then we are so blessed to have Him as out heavenly Father. And He loves us way more than a tenth of my love for LP!
 Ok, those thoughts just came running out – I didn’t intend to get on a soapbox or anything! It’s just something I felt I should share! Now onto the real reason you guys read my blog (Morgan! J), Lucy Paige’s  thoughts and opinions on how TJ and I have been as parents and her second month on Planet Earth!
Hey, hey guys! LP here, taking over this thing Mom calls a keyboard. So my second month here has been pretty awesome to say the least. I really love being here and making Mom and Dad laugh. They are the silliest people – they try so hard to make me laugh and smile. I hide it from them just to make them earn their keep. J But most of the time I do smile and talk to them, they love it. They think I’m some kind of genius. When I talk to Mom all she does is squeak back to me – I’m telling her the secrets of the universe and she thinks I’m squeaking at her! She’s a little crazy… but all the good ones are! Some neat things I can do already are hold my head up by myself, sit in my bumbo seat, sleep for at least 6 hours straight at night and ride in that blasted car seat without screaming my head off. Oh, and another neat thing is every morning between 9am and 10am, I poop! Dr. Irons is very impressed with my skills and I love impressing folks with my skills! I’m hoping to be walking by the end of next month; it may be a stretch but I’m going to try.  
I've done some pretty cool things in my second month of life - went to my cousin's bridal shower (I'll go to my first wedding when she gets married in October! I am so excited!), went to an engagement party for Mom and Dad's great friends Ryan and Kinsley, been to Lowe's and Target a lot, spent a week and a half at the Farm, met one of Mom's best friends in the whole world (Megan and Suman - they've done some pretty crazy things together; I can't wait to hear more from Megan and her sister, Melissa, about all the adventures they've had), met more of my very large extended family, and OUT-GREW my NEWBORN sleepers when I was officially 8 weeks old! For some reason Mom cried when she put me in the 0-3 month sleepers - she loves that I'm growing  but wants time to slow down... She's silly - time waits for no one! I'm still in the newborn size for all my other outfits though! Another neat thing I've been told so much about and gotten to experience first hand is College Game Day on ESPN. Alabama played their first game of the season and won - it was boring towards the end but I like watching football - all the fun colors and noises.
Here are a few things that I have loved about month 2: bath time, again number 1 on my list - it's a magical place; so warm and cozy and full of yummy smelling bubbles. I love smiling and talking - Mom and Dad say I have the cutest, prettiest smile. I love being outside on my porch in HYT or at the Farm - there are dogs, cows, and horses at the Farm! They make funny talking noises though... I still love to snuggle, especially with Mommy. I enjoy sitting up although I still need help, I love it so! I also enjoy my Bible stories Mom reads to me every morning - we are almost to the point where God steps in and does something amazing, at least that's what my stories and Mommy keep telling me. I can't wait to see what God does!  
A few things I don't like are that car seat but only sometimes - I'm starting to like it a bit better though. I don't like being wet/dirty or being hungry but that's about it. I love being here and learning all these wonderful new things about life. Thank you for reading about how I see life! Much love - gotta get Dad up for another diaper change! To-ta-lu!

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