Thursday, December 11, 2014

17 Months! Woot! [Dec. 2]

Hey, hey guys! Mommy was actually on the ball for this birthday and I got my picture taken on my actual 17 month birthday! Woot! Way to go, MOM! :) I, however, am late posting... One day we will synchronize like those swimmers and get it together. I got over my sickness with flair at the beginning of this month - went back to Dr. Irons and she said I was gold. Well I had a super great month after getting over that sickness - a holiday, some gardening (in my house!), visiting my wonderful family, going to ride reindeer, and being silly. That's what I do best - silly. Tonight I entertained Mommy and Daddy by spinning circles all around the living room while laughing my head off and talking super fast. Ok, to catch you up on my month...

I didn't do a whole bunch at the beginning of the month because I was still getting over the blasted croup. There was this one day that I begged for bows. Mommy obliged, I usually can get her to do what I want fairly easily. Anyway, she gave them to me and I kept putting them in my hair. I love my bows - like for real. I won't go anywhere without at least on win my head. I also love Moma's toboggan. I am a rockstar in it and pretty darn cute.

A few days later, Daddy grew a tree in our living room! It was so awesome. I love that tree so much! It has places for me to put my girls, lights, BALLS, a spot to lay under. I really do love that tree so much - me and Cal play in it all the time. He gets to climb it! I love yelling at him, "No, no Callie!!". He doesn't listen to me, so Daddy yells at him and he tucks tail and runs. When I run over to Mommy or Daddy and say "Up ball" they pick me up and let me touch the balls on the tippy top of the tree. I love when they let me see the pretty balls. The bottom half of the tree is mine, I put my special ornaments there. I have a lion, giraffe, elephant, girl, cat, rabbit, owl, a couple of balls, and a bell. I think that maybe Mommy put that bell there so she'd know if I was playing in the tree... Very sneaky if that's what she did.

Daddy and Mommy took me to the mall a few times to ride the reindeer and see the pretty lights and balls. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to ride the reindeer with Dada and then again, with Moma. I loved it so much that when it was over I was so upset. I may, or may not, have pitched a huge fit... I digress. If you know me at all then you know I love a ball; so the giant tree by the reindeer was overwhelming - soooooo many bright and colorful balls. We are just starting the Advent season and I love it because Mom and Dad keep reading to me about Baby Jesus. They're telling me that Christmas is the celebration of His birth. I point Him out in my Bibles and in the Nativity at home and at Dabo and MiTessa's house. I pick Him up and rock Him and kiss Him. I'm really starting to love this Jesus. Me and Mommy talk to Him every night before she puts me down for night-night. Daddy and Mommy tell me that when I'm older we can have better discussions about Who He is, for now though I'll have to stick with reading about Him. And that is just fine with me because I adore the Book He is in.


Of course I got to stay with the best g-parents ever - they sure do love me a whole bunch. And hey, aren't they cute?! I love Babo and MiTessa so much. I get to see Kik-i, Mo-Mo, Ma-Ma, and Skeeter when I go there too. They are so fun! Skeeter made me Mickey Mouse pancakes one morning! I get to watch a ton of football when I go to their house too. Football is my favorite sport.

At the end of the month we had Thanksgiving. I got to go to Montgomery and see Uncle Wade, Aunt Stacy, Mr. Cloud (Aunt Stacy's daddy), Aunt Wendy, and Lauraline! MiTessa, Nana, Mo-Mo, Macey, Ma-Ma, and Steven came down and I got to see them for a few minutes before they went shopping. 

I've had a lot to talk about for this month. Some of my favorites are still balls, bows, babies, books, and my girls (Little People). I love talking, squealing, laughing. I love eggs with dip, milk, water, macaroni, chicken, beef, fruit, potatoes, yogurt, grits, pancakes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, smoothies, Mommy's drink (whatever she is drinking, I just have to have it. Her water is 10 times better than mine.). I love taking a bath. I love playing outside. I love helping Mommy clean and fold clothes. I have an extended vocabulary - Mommy can't even keep up with how many english words I'm saying. I do use my other languages a lot just to confuse Mommy and Daddy. I love my Mommy and Daddy so much. I love that they get to spend time with me, I love that they have jobs where their bosses understand that family time is important. I love Calvin. I love my rocking horse. I'll leave you with a few pictures! See you next month - It'll be a new year!  

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I Can Drive Now?!!?? - Sweet 16! [Nov. 2]

You guys - you aren't going to believe this but I am 16! 16 months old that is, but 16 nonetheless. My month started out perfectly, stayed perfect in the middle, but ended kind of rough - I got sick! For the first time in 16 months of life I was really sick - croup and an ear infection. I'll get to all that in a minute though.

The start - like I said, perfect - was a trip to the Birmingham Zoo! It was the perfect day, a bit overcast and 75. And the Zoo was just about empty, their were not a lot of people milling around. I got to see so many different animals there. There were lions, all different types of Callie Cats (I said "meow" to them), bears, a tiger!, zebras, giraffes, elephants, hippos, a rhino, monkeys, an ape, all kinds of birds, and I got to ride a train! Mommy and Daddy let me lead all day - they followed me all over that place. I loved it! We had ice cream while waiting on the train to come back. I had the best time - I sure do love that my Mommy and Daddy get to spend so much time with me.

Aunt Rikki! 

I got to spend time with my Dabo and MiTessa too! They are the best grandparents that anyone could ask for. They give me bites of candy (don't tell Mommy!), they ride my on the 4wheeler, they have puppies and cats, there is always something going on at their house too. MiTessa cooks me yummy things to eat! They also take me to church - now don't get me wrong, Mommy and Daddy tale me to church too but they don't get to stay with me. They have important jobs that they have to do, but MiTessa? She stays with me the whole time! Her job is to watch me and the other kids. I help her with the baby when she comes. I'm a good helper. And speaking of my MiTessa and Dabo's house, they have lots of baby pictures of Mommy and my aunties. One photo of my Aunt Rikki looks just like me! :)

I got some new shoes this month - sparkly, silver shoes! I love my shoes so much. MiTessa found a different pair of play shoes for me and my cousin, Charli Bay, sent me my first pair of Nikes. I'm styling and profiling! ;) I adore my shoes, I ask for them all the time. And I keep asking until Mommy pulls them all down from the shelf and then I run around the house with them. I also love bows. I love asking for them too, I demand for them to be placed in my hair so that I can pull them out at a later time. Shoes and bows, y'all. They're were its at. Oh and balls, I'm still in love with balls. Mom got a container to store the balls in and it's boss too. Shoes, bows, balls... :)
I helped Daddy put a ceiling fan in my playroom! I used the screw driver and everything. I think I'm going to love helping Daddy fix things. :) He told me I was the best helper he'd ever worked with.

MiTessa found Mommy's old baby quilt that Nanny made for her when she was a baby. I sleep with it every night now. My Nanny makes the most awesome quilts ever! I have two crocheted ones, a quilted one with my name on it, Mommy's baby quilt, Mommy's butterfly quilt, and rumor has it Daddy may be getting a "Nanny quilt" for Christmas (so I'll have it too!)! Shhhhh, don't tell him!

Ok, remember last year when I talked about these pumpkins growing in my yard overnight?!?! You'll never believe this but they came back! This year though, I called them "balls"! best.thing.ever. A million orange balls IN.MY.YARD. There were also these guys that Mom and MiTessa called "scarecrows" - I called them "crow-crows". They were so funny - they stood on sticks. I had the best time playing outside! And something else that grew in my yard??? A HUGE slide and jumpy-castle-thing. If I thought the balls were awesome then I was out of my mind over the slide. Mommy, Daddy, and MiTessa took me down the slide so many times. Halloween came back around too - this year I made Mommy dress as Wendy Darling, Daddy dress as Peter Pan, and I was the cutest Tinker Bell ever. MiTessa came to help Mommy and Daddy at the Trunk or Treat. We had so much fun. I got to walk around and let everyone tell me how cute I was. :) Mommy says maybe next year I can have some candy - I just don't have all my teeth yet! I do have more though! Not sure how many because I always bite Mommy when she sticks her finger in my mouth.

And now, the sickness... It was terrible. I had the croup and had to go to the after-hours doctor. You wouldn't believe I was sick because I was running and playing with everything. It only got bad at night - it was hard for me to breathe. They gave me some medicine and I felt better. I had to go back to see Dr. Irons the next day and wouldn't you believe it, I had the very beginnings of an ear infection! I didn't even know it! Dr. Irons gave me even more medicine and I am back to 100%. Because of this though, Mommy slept with me in my room on a giant blowup trampoline! It was awesome.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

15 Months Old! [Oct. 2]

I love growing up! I am learning more and more new things everyday and getting to do so much. Moma is always asking me questions like, "What does a lion say?" or "What does a duck say?" or "What does a cat say?" or this one that makes her and Dada laugh hysterically, "What does your tiny hiney say?" I always answer correctly - "rawr" for lion, "quack-quack" for duck, "meee-oww" for cat, and "pufft" for tiny hiney! Like I said, I always get a laugh from the tiny hiney question. It's the best.

I really love balls - any kind of ball. Soccer, bouncy, big, little, soft, hard... Anytime I see a ball I have to tell Moma and Dada as fast as I can, I usually repeat "bawl" multiple times just so I know they see it. They wouldn't be able to handle it if I didn't point out everything that is or resembles a ball. The other day we were in Lowe's and you'll never believe this but they have balls everywhere in the light-up part (they have trees too - looks like they just sprouted and grew lights). Anywho, there were boxes with lots and lots and lots and lots of colorful balls and these boxes had handles on them. I picked up two boxes and tried to tote them to the front to take them home, but Moma stopped me. She put them back on the shelf. I was so mad at her and I let her know that I was angry and picked those boxes up again and tried walking to the front. Mom stopped me again. Again, I was so angry. Mom won but only because I let her. I will get those balls, I will - even if it's the last thing I ever do. I will have them and they will be mine, allllllll mine. :) (This is Ryan, yes, she was adamant about getting those ornaments and taking them but it is October - they shouldn't even be out yet. I didn't get a picture because I forgot my phone but it was priceless. We now avoid ball pits, ball displays, balloons, anything that even looks like it could be a ball - if we don't we will walk out of the store with a new ball).

My Moma has taught me a lot of fun, new things. I love when Moma and Dada say, "Give me kisses!" - I run over to them and stick my cheek to their lips and let them kiss me. I will then open my mouth and give them wet kisses all over and it is the best. I'll only kiss them though - Moma says that I don't need to kiss other people because we are getting into the "sick season", whatever that is. I do the same with hugs, I love hugging and kissing Moma and Dada.

Speaking of learning new things, I know what color my balls are. I know where parts of my body are. I know when I need a diaper change. I know what "Lets go brush your teeth" means - it means that I run into my room and point to my toothbrush until Moma gives it to me. I know words like, shoes, please, Jesus, Moma, Dada, go, ball, bow, bottle, cracker, night-night, and the list goes on. I use my words in the right context too! I understand so many more words that Moma and Dada say, I just can't say the yet.

Moma and Dada let me dump out all
the veggie sticks when I was sick. 
I had a great check up with my doctor! She is so impressed with my skills! I am weighing around 19lbs and am 31inches tall! Dr. Irons says that I'm just going to be tall and skinny. I'm in the 67% for my height and like the 10% for my weight. My head is still "normal" and in the 50%. I have to go back in the beginning of December for my second flu shot. I hope not to go back until then. I was sick at the beginning of this month with some sort of fever virus. It was no fun, I was miserable. Moma was the only one that made me feel better. Oh - you'll never believe this but I finally got my 1 year molars! I have all four of them, bringing my total up to 12! I'm working on my canine as I type so I'll likely have updates next month on those guys.

Playing with Dada in the floor. 

Looking cute and so grown up! 

My new fashion statement - wearing a bucket on my head. 

My all-time favorite activity - READING!!!

Playing peek-a-boo while I was supposed to be sleeping... 

Ice cream from DQ - a treat from Aunt Wendy and Lauraline. 

Roll Tide! 

Playing with Moma! 

I'm not allowed to have soft straws anymore because I bite them in half. 

Happy 15 Months to me!